I’m the Way to God’s Kingdom by Benjamin Primas

(February, 2019)
Praise Lord!
I’m the way to God’s kingdom.
God loves all of Us.
Mark, would You send me one of Yours
Bibles? The one You gave Me got lost.
I’d share and split it’s teachings.
Those days I’m teaching just by
memories which is powerful in core
subjects but I’m missing the clear
definitions I use to repeat.
If You could take a picture of first 10
pages and send them by email it would
take effect on crowd of people. I dont
need whole book.
God bless You and cheer Your
community! I think about them often.
Them gave me model of peaceful and
lovely society.
Remind them the story about clearing in front of own house they can do a lot more if they would not get stuck on the casual struggles. 🙂
Cherish God’s kingdom, it’s like a garden.
Benjamin with the everlasting Love

Another letter from Benjamin Primas

March 23, 2019

Helo Mark,

The second Bible arrived yesterday. Thank you so much.

I already gave speach from the first one. It’s also very nice I can feel shared faith with you evertime I read from it.

I,m daily teaching many people of Prague to rasie their faith as a flag and share courage and hope with the others.

The life here is going better and better. It is working our.

Blessings to Your family and church!

With love in Christ,

Benjamin (Samson) Primas

Publisher’s note: Learn more about Benjamin’s conversion story here.

Apostolic Traits from Paul Anderson

Apostolic Traits
Apostolic Traits

This succinct list of apostolic traits from Paul Anderson helps us focus on the service and qualifications of an apostle. The early church tested those who call themselves apostles . . . (Revelation 2:2).

Paul has not gone around calling himself an apostle. But I recognise him as such.

In a recent email, Paul suggested the following as apostolic traits. With His permission, I publish the list of apostolic traits from Paul Anderson. He noted that other traits, such as suffering, could be added.

  1. FRUIT TRANS-LOCALLY: pastors have fruit locally.
  2. FATHER: children in the faith. Paul said–many guardians, only one father. Mentoring.
  3. INFLUENCE: lives changed. Paul made strong point of this. You are my proof.
  4. AUTHORITY: Things happen when speaking. People recognize position and place.
  5. FLYING WITH TWO WINGS: character and charisma
  6. PASSING THE BATON: raising up and releasing. Not holding onto ministry.
  7. HUMILITY: Must be evident.

Paul Anderson is one of the most honest and humble men I know. And I have known him since about 1970 when we were students at Luther Theological Seminary in St Paul, Minnesota.

As students at Luther, I noted him as a cut above the average. He proved to be a genuine leader among men.

Although he does not parade his accomplishments or proclaim to everyone his apostolic calling, I can say it. Paul Anderson has demonstrated the attributes of an apostle for decades.

He served faithfully as Director of Lutheran Renewal Services, following in the steps of Larry Christiansen. Paul initiated the Masters Institute and he is the founding visionary behind the ARC, the Association of Renew Churches.

In addition, Paul has ministered world-wide, including Europe and Latin America.

Number five on the above list is “Flying with Two Wings: character and charisma.” That’s Paul Anderson. Together with his wife Karen and their family, they have modeled both godly character and genuine charisma for all to see.

Take another look at the list of apostolic traits. If anyone is still wondering “What is an apostle?” here’s your answer. If anyone is still wondering “Are there modern day apostles?”, Paul is your answer.

Before my book about apostles was published, Paul wrote a splendid endorsement. You can check out the book at www.ChurchesandApostles.com

Can Forgiveness Change Your Future?

Can forgiveness change your future?

As you study the dog’s face, what is he communicating?

What do you think? Can forgiveness change your future?

Jesus thinks so. In fact, He says so.

I’m experimenting, and I’m looking for more evidence of what Jesus says about future change through forgiveness.. I’m not doubting what He says, I just want to see and document more of it. Will you help? Send me your story of how forgiveness has changed circumstances if you have one.

Three Specific Ways Jesus Asserts Forgiveness Changes Your Future

First. Matthew 5:14-15: For if you forgive others for their transgressions, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive others, then your Father will not forgive your transgressions.

This well-known and oft overlooked statement makes it clear that God’s attitude and actions toward everyone stem from the fulcrum of our forgiveness of other people. Or our lack of forgiveness. That’s supernatural.

It shows one reason why some folks live in the camp of blessing and others in the wilderness. 

My parents, Rognar and June Anderson, experienced seventy-three years of happily-married life. (I’m not saying they never faced struggles. They did. One of their struggles was raising me!) 

Nevertheless, when dad was about 94 years old someone interviewed him with the classic question, “To what do you attribute your long-lasting success in marriage?” Dad’s answer: “Forgiveness.”

Forgiveness Creates More Love

Here’s a second way forgiveness changes a person. It creates more love and blessing.

Forgiveness today creates love more love tomorrow. Perhaps we can say the amount of love we have today is determined in part by the amount of forgiveness we experienced yesterday. See Luke 7:47 . . . he who is forgiven little, loves little. 

Let the converse also be true. He who is forgiven much, loves much.

Forgiveness Liberates

People are puzzled by Jesus’ words in John 20:23. But if we take them simply the way a child does, He is saying forgiveness releases a person. Just think how many husbands need to be released! (Release is what forgiveness means.) How many wives! How many wayward kids!

Forgiveness liberates. Forgiveness absolves sin through the blood of Jesus!

The man’s future in Matthew 18 was determined by his forgiveness or lack of it. Because he failed to release his coworker, he ended up in torment by the choice of the Master.

A Modern Day Example 

I once counseled a man struggling with depression and mental illness. (Let’s call him Dean.)  Life had dealt some hardships and low blows to this fellow. Primarily, his wife and family had forsaken him. It seems no relative supported him socially or emotionally. 

Dean was on the brink of suicide and had been in and out of mental hospitals. As I listened to his stories, I realized he had never forgiven his offenders. 

So the first order of business with Dean was to help him forgive. He spike words of forgiveness. The next time I saw him, he felt a little better. There  was hope.

But he still held onto anger and resentment. He claimed, “I just can’t forgive any more.” I urged him to forgive in faith. I told him he had to work ast it, even to speak aloud in private “I forgive, I forgive, I forgive.”

Perhaps I failed to impart sufficient grace to him. Perhaps Dean chose to hang on to his bitterness (the opposite of forgiveness). Whatever the reason, this man never changed. He kept saying, “I can’t forgive, I can’t forgive.” 

The final time I saw Dean, he remained depressed and was refusing to take normal responsibilities for life.

Can forgiveness change your future? Does unforgiveness affect our destiny?Sure looks like it to me.

I’m experimenting with forgiveness. I’m forgiving President Trump, who is reportedly a new convert to the Christian faith. I’m forgiving broadly. I’m forgiving others just as God in Christ has forgiven me (Ephesians 4:32).

Can forgiveness change your future?

I’m interested in your experience if you can add to this.

Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash

Scandal–How Do You Respond?

Scandal–How Do You Respond?

Because of the number of exposures of Christian ministers, media figures, and political leaders, we are faced with the question “Scandal–How do you respond?”

For starters, I suggest five ways.

One, Recognise exposure as a sign of revival. Yes, it’s shameful and painful; but in the end, exposure shows God’s sovereignty. It shows that God is ruling from His throne. He is Judge-in-action and not giving sin a pass. So when sin is exposed, thank God!

Two, Personally examine yourself. Do I have secret sins? Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall (1 Cor 10:12.)

Three, Do not receive an accusation against an elder except on the basis of two or three witnesses. Those who continue in sin, rebuke in the presence of all, so that the rest also will be fearful of sinning. (1 Tim 5:19-20).

Four, “If your brother sins, go and show him his fault in private; if he listens to you, you have won your brother.

Mat 18:16 “But if he does not listen to you, take one or two more with you, so that BY THE MOUTH OF TWO OR THREE WITNESSES EVERY FACT MAY BE CONFIRMED.

Mat 18:17 “If he refuses to listen to them, tell it to the church; and if he refuses to listen even to the church, let him be to you as a Gentile and a tax collector.

Mat 18:18 “Truly I say to you, whatever you bind on earth shall have been bound in heaven; and whatever you loose on earth shall have been loosed in heaven.

Five, Forgive, but not forget. Some perpetrators, should never be allowed similar ministry even after restoration. For example, a child abuser should not be allowed to serve in the nursery again.

Scandal–how do your respond?

In light of the Todd Bentley alleged scandal, Chuck Porta is calling for the Spirit-filled church to take action. Specifically, he is calling the church to “repent of teachings and practices that are contrary to the ways of God.” He rightly proposes that the Bentley debacle must be a catalyst for church-wide self-examination.

Read Chuck’s article (with slight modifications) below:

Recent media disclosure concerning sexual allegations about Todd Bentley has created a firestorm of controversy. I believe in the sovereignty of God, so it is imperative we all see and hear deeper regarding the mess.

The modern Charismatic Movement has much to account for.  Decades of shallow, compromising ways have produced a current crop of unhealthy fruit. The signs have been pointing for years, but the major issues were not properly addressed and handled. Todd Bentley is but the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

However, many claiming to be Spirit filled Christians, both leaders and followers, have much to account for and repent of teachings and practices that are contrary to the ways of God. Todd Bentley did not happen in a vacuum; there have been enablers along the way that have assisted in bringing us to this current, embarrassing situation.

All those claiming to be a Spirit filled follower of Christ need to embrace a spirit of brokenness,  repentance, and intercession for the current state of affairs. Who will stand in the gap and cry out for full disclosure, for the Light of Heaven to penetrate all areas of gray and darkness in each of our hearts?

There is a major form of idolatry in the Spirit filled church. We must repent. Daniel 9 shows a Godly leader identifying with the sins of his people.


Gifting above Godly character.
Embracing shadow accountability teams for troubled ministries that have not accomplished their goal of true restoration.
Idolizing public ministry and releasing ministers prematurely.
Chasing signs, wonders, miracles, gifting, at the expense of embracing and cultivating the fruit of the Spirit.
Pursuing human, ambitious, agendas and using the gifts to fulfill them.
Elevating personal subjective spiritual experiences to a place of dangerous authority.
Tolerating the leaven of Jezebel that has ruined leaders, churches, and movements.
Allowing false teachings regarding the true grace of God which end with either license to sin or a dangerous legalism that also destroys its victims.
Embracing dangerous end time doctrines that promote pride, vain ambition, and end up with many in a state of unbelief, and in some cases a falling away from the Lord.

I believe the above brief list shows a portion of the problem. What should be our response?


Let us ask for true apostolic ministry released in our midst. Acts 5 is a powerful demonstration of true apostolic discipline. The result is clear. 

The discipline is released by a broken apostle, who likely wept the whole time.
The discipline offered first mercy and chance to come clean and confess.
The discipline exposed hidden sin.
The discipline resulted in death for the unrepentant guilty.
The discipline released the Fear of the Lord to another level in the church.
The discipline released deeper levels of Kingdom power as Peter’s shadow released healing.
The move of God went to another level resulting in persecution, that keeps all close to the heart of God.

King David, after his debacle with Bathsheba, came under the discipline of Heaven.
The prophet exposed him and declared the word of the Lord. David repented, was forgiven, and remained King. But, the baby DIED, and trouble was in his family to the day he died.

We must know that God is merciful, kind, patient, and forgiving. He is also holy, just, and is King over His domain. He is looking for true ambassadors who will accurately reflect His heart and ways.

Let us all ask for a sweeping grace of repentance to impact our leaders, the followers, and every local church that wants to have an impact.



Therefore, since we have this ministry, as we received mercy, we do not lose heart, but we have renounced the things hidden because of shame, not walking in craftiness or adulterating the word of God, but by the manifestation of truth commending ourselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of God (2 Cor 4:1-2).

Michael Brown has also weighed in on the topic Scandal–how do you respond?”

Note that both Porta and Brown call for apostolic action to deal with scandal. Brown does not say “apostle,” but uses the phrase “find a solid, mature leader willing to take up the cause.” His phrase might include prophet, apostle, or any of the five-fold ministry offices..

Again, let’s Take Heart. I join with one of the strong intercessors of our time, Ken Eichelberger, to pray regularly for God to expose evil and promote good. Together we thank our Sovereign God for mercifully bringing judgment to light now rather than waiting for the Judgment Seat of Christ (1 Corinthians 3:7ff).

The world is broken by sin; we hear God and follow Him so we can help fix things. Let’s join together and believe Him to send revival.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Are You Ready for a Prophetic Word?

Are you ready for a prophetic word? God is calling for some to step out in new ministry. Has God spoken to you earlier about serving Him? Has there been a long-time desire in your heart and mind to serve Him in greater ways?

As a teenager, did you sense God calling you to server Him? Make your calling sure.

Are you sensing “There’s gotta be more?” Are you wondering why your life is not more fulfilled?

Not all frustration is bad. Sometimes God uses it to move us forward.

Some of you have gifts and a calling that excited you in earlier times. Perhaps these desires have lain dormant for decades.

If that’s you, the Holy Spirit is saying, “Now is the time. There shall no longer be delay. It is not for your sake that I’m activating you; rather, it’s for others I’m stirring you and sending you.

“I’ve prepared you, I’ve matured you. You won’t mess up. Take confidence and move ahead. Revive the ancient calling.

“Take courage, yet follow Bible principles.”

Some of you will have grace to quit your jobs or retire.

Here are a couple of Bible principles for guidance.

1 Get confirmation if your switch involves major changes like quitting your job or making major investments. Your spouse needs to be in agreement.

Your peers and church leadership will be encouraging if your plans are really from the Lord.

All of this will flow naturally if you are genuinely part of a community of believers.

2 Start Small. Your first steps don’t have to be giant steps. Let them be baby steps if need be. (Remember the kid’s game “Mother, may I?”) But we all have to get started. If we fail to take the first step, we’ll never get there. Just get started.

Are you ready for this prophetic word? I hope so. There’s an urgency to obey God.

Oliver’s story is instructive. A Christian man, he always had a heart for young people. In fact, in his youth God called him to some sort of youth work. Though Oliver dabbled in youth service, he could never really accomplish anything. Decades passed.

Then he died.

What is God urging you to do? Help start a church? Serve in missionary work? Invest in a Christian organization? Serve full-time as a church volunteer?

Take yourself seriously–you may be God’s instrument or the answer to someone’s prayer.

Are you ready for this prophetic word? 

God is calling for some to step out in new service at this time. What may have lain dormant for decades is ripe for the Master’s use.

(Photo by Baliji-malliswan on Unsplash)

What is Apostle’s Primary Contribution to Local Church

The Apostle's Primary Contribution to Local Church
Apostle’s Primary
Contribution to Local Church

What is the Apostle’s Primary Contribution to a Local Church?

Fred Herzog’s concise and precise response is noteworthy. This veteran apostle really has a grasp on what an apostle can contribute to a local church. Fred has ministered at our church–the Church of the Living Water in Muscatine, Iowa–numerous times in past years.

He has been around a long time and has “seen it all.” His response is well worth far beyond the 43 seconds of this video interview.

Want to go deeper into the ministry of an apostle?

In fact, this interview would profit most elder’s meetings for most churches around the world.

Thanks Fred, for your insightful words.

Apóstoles Globales Iglesias Locales
Apóstoles Globales Iglesias Locales

My book Apostoles Globales Iglesias Locales is now available in Spanish on Amazon.com.mx. Thanks to Edgar Mendez of Queretaro and Adelmo Agostini of Saltillo for translation and formatting of this book.

One Mexican pastor said, “This book is really needed in Mexico,” so we went ahead and published it in Spanish. I’m trying to learn Spanish; however, I could not have done this project without the help of pastors Edgar and Adelmo. Thank you, men.

If any of you buy this book in either Spanish or English, please write a review. Thanks. We need Biblical views of apostles. The more reviews, the more the message will help pastors and churches and therefore the entire body of Christ.

Fred Herzog summarizes the apostle’s primary contribution to a local church succinctly in the video above. Show it to your church or church leaders.

How I Conquered Cancer

“What did you do to conquer cancer?”

To answer this question, I recently presented a workshop at Muscatine Community College in Muscatine, Iowa. The video of the 60 minute workshop (How I Conquered Cancer) plays below.

(Thanks to Chad Bishop for taping and uploading this video.)

Of course, I couldn’t tell everything in one workshop. So let me mention Ty Bollinger and his impressive video series.

I watched the video series by Ty Bollinger, “The Truth About Cancer.” That series gave me the confidence I needed to eventually go for natural healing.

There’s a replay airing October 5, 2019. It’s free.

Tune in to the live broadcast of many of the same doctors and scientists featured on “The Truth About Cancer.” It could save your life or the life of someone you love.

I had stage 4 inoperable cancer. I’m well today because of God’s mercy and the truths in this program. Tune in here for free starting October 5. You must register by copying this link:  https://ttaclive.tv?ref=132a244f-56dd-4476-b3fd-fc1862f3441f.

If you can’t wait until October, there’s another video series showing sooner. It’s by Chris Wark who was healed of stage 3 colon cancer without chemo, radiation or surgery.

I am not an affiliate, that is to say, I don’t collect any money from any of these projects. I make the info available to help people conquer cancer for themselves or their loved ones. At the very least, all these videos show that cancer is curable with natural treatments and many are doing it.

Here’s my story of how I conquered cancer in book form. Grab a copy now.

How I Conquered Cancer
How I Conquered Cancer

“Half of all men (and one third of all women) alive today will get cancer,” experts claim. I want to stop that.

I want to do an educational and inspiring workshop in your church, club, college, or civic group. It’s “hands on” and could prevent or help heal cancer for anyone. Interested? Contact me from the link at the top of this page.

Kind Act Leads to Christ

Kind Act Leads to Christ

It all started in an Iowa storm. Matthew and Courtney Anderson were driving by one of those ubiquitous Fourth of July firecracker tents. A sudden squall violently lifted the firecracker tent off the ground. The vendors were seemingly helpless and began cutting the tent’s holding cords.

Matt and Courtney bounded out of their vehicle and pitched in to help. Together with the vendors they salvaged what the wind and rainstorm did not destroy.

The storm passed, but left the vendors homeless with rain damaged merchandise. (Tents cannot be locked so the sellers sleep in the tents for security.)

Now what were Josh, Debra and Ariana to do? Realizing their plight, Matt and Courtney paid for a night at the nearby Super 8 Motel.

I don’t know what all was shared that Saturday evening. What I do know is the firecracker vendors walked in during the middle of the church meeting Sunday morning. They were welcomed and one of the men said, “You are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

After the meeting, church people sat with Josh and Debra as they wept profusely. Josh used up the first box of Kleenexes and began to use the second.

Eventually, one of the men proffered the question, “Have you ever given your life to Jesus Christ?” Through tears, Josh answered negatively. “I don’t believe in Christ,” he admitted.

Much conversation ensued. Josh heard the good news: “Jesus Christ died for your sins. He rose from the dead.” Josh heard the good news several times. Something began to dawn on him. Finally, as best he could, he submitted his will to Christ as Savior.

After prompting, Josh began to pray. I advised him about Jesus’ words in John 10: 27 My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me. I asked him to ask God what to do next and to listen for the whisper of the Spirit. After bowing his head and praying, he said, “I think God is telling me to move back to Oregon where I have roots and family. “

Dinner at HyVee Restaurant followed. During lunch, his daughter, Ariana, showed interest in Jesus. She asked questions. “What does it mean to ‘open the door’ to Jesus?”

She “opened the door to Jesus.” That’s when the above picture was snapped as Josh and Debra affectionately hugged her. Who knew

The Church of the Living Water provided two nights of lodging at the Super 8 Motel. Meals were offered.

Amazing what God’s love–one act of kindness–will do. God bless Josh, Debra and Ariana. God bless Matthew and Courtney.

One reason this website exists is to honor those who lead men, women and young people to Christ. We encourage Chicken Evangelism–Share Christ before you Chicken Out!

When you tell your experience of witnessing, it will encourage others. Do you know of an incident where a kind act leads to Christ?

Salvation by Annoyance–


Salvation by Annoyance–

An exasperated mother, whose son was always getting into mischief, finally asked him, “How do you expect to get into Heaven?”

The boy thought it over and said, “Well, I’ll run in and out and in and out and keep slamming the door until St. Peter says, ‘For Heaven’s sake, Dylan, come in or stay out!'”


Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash

Question? Apostle? What Do You Mean?

Sonny Mizar Answers, What is an Apostle?

Question? Apostle? What do you mean? There’s a lot of confusion about the question “What is an apostle?” Sonny Mizar’s response is a good start to understand what an apostle does and how he fits into God’s plan for churches. Find out more about this Godly man on Facebook.

You may also want to check out his book Journey to Authenticity. This book has helped me understand and have patience with some of the young ministers I train.

Sonny could say much more about apostles. He’s worth listening to. In the meantime, let me add a few lines (and my own definition of an apostle) that will remove some misunderstandings about the use of the term “apostle” in the Bible.

Question? Apostle? Let’s Look More Closely

In a generic sense, an apostle is a “sent one” or “one sent on a mission.” The Greek word is apostolos. In a generic sense all Christians are “sent out on a mission.” In that sense we are all apostles!

In a technical sense the term refers to the person who functions in the five fold ministry or office of apostle. That’s the most common use of the term in the Bible by far. That’s the use of the term we are talking about here.

I’ve studied the Scriptures and worked with apostles for over fifty years. Here’s my definition:

“An apostle is a Christian leader called and supernaturally gifted by God to open new spiritual or geographical territory for the gospel, lay foundations, equip believers, and serve as catalyst and coordinator for churches and ministries.”

I invite you to find C Peter Wagner’s thoughts on the subject or go directly to my book Local Churches Global Apostles: How Churches Related to Apostles in the New Testament Era and Why It Matters Now.

Maybe you have a good definition of your own. If so, post it in the comment section below.