Are You Ready for a Prophetic Word?

Are you ready for a prophetic word? God is calling for some to step out in new ministry. Has God spoken to you earlier about serving Him? Has there been a long-time desire in your heart and mind to serve Him in greater ways?

As a teenager, did you sense God calling you to server Him? Make your calling sure.

Are you sensing “There’s gotta be more?” Are you wondering why your life is not more fulfilled?

Not all frustration is bad. Sometimes God uses it to move us forward.

Some of you have gifts and a calling that excited you in earlier times. Perhaps these desires have lain dormant for decades.

If that’s you, the Holy Spirit is saying, “Now is the time. There shall no longer be delay. It is not for your sake that I’m activating you; rather, it’s for others I’m stirring you and sending you.

“I’ve prepared you, I’ve matured you. You won’t mess up. Take confidence and move ahead. Revive the ancient calling.

“Take courage, yet follow Bible principles.”

Some of you will have grace to quit your jobs or retire.

Here are a couple of Bible principles for guidance.

1 Get confirmation if your switch involves major changes like quitting your job or making major investments. Your spouse needs to be in agreement.

Your peers and church leadership will be encouraging if your plans are really from the Lord.

All of this will flow naturally if you are genuinely part of a community of believers.

2 Start Small. Your first steps don’t have to be giant steps. Let them be baby steps if need be. (Remember the kid’s game “Mother, may I?”) But we all have to get started. If we fail to take the first step, we’ll never get there. Just get started.

Are you ready for this prophetic word? I hope so. There’s an urgency to obey God.

Oliver’s story is instructive. A Christian man, he always had a heart for young people. In fact, in his youth God called him to some sort of youth work. Though Oliver dabbled in youth service, he could never really accomplish anything. Decades passed.

Then he died.

What is God urging you to do? Help start a church? Serve in missionary work? Invest in a Christian organization? Serve full-time as a church volunteer?

Take yourself seriously–you may be God’s instrument or the answer to someone’s prayer.

Are you ready for this prophetic word? 

God is calling for some to step out in new service at this time. What may have lain dormant for decades is ripe for the Master’s use.

(Photo by Baliji-malliswan on Unsplash)

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