Apostolic Traits from Paul Anderson

Apostolic Traits
Apostolic Traits

This succinct list of apostolic traits from Paul Anderson helps us focus on the service and qualifications of an apostle. The early church tested those who call themselves apostles . . . (Revelation 2:2).

Paul has not gone around calling himself an apostle. But I recognise him as such.

In a recent email, Paul suggested the following as apostolic traits. With His permission, I publish the list of apostolic traits from Paul Anderson. He noted that other traits, such as suffering, could be added.

  1. FRUIT TRANS-LOCALLY: pastors have fruit locally.
  2. FATHER: children in the faith. Paul said–many guardians, only one father. Mentoring.
  3. INFLUENCE: lives changed. Paul made strong point of this. You are my proof.
  4. AUTHORITY: Things happen when speaking. People recognize position and place.
  5. FLYING WITH TWO WINGS: character and charisma
  6. PASSING THE BATON: raising up and releasing. Not holding onto ministry.
  7. HUMILITY: Must be evident.

Paul Anderson is one of the most honest and humble men I know. And I have known him since about 1970 when we were students at Luther Theological Seminary in St Paul, Minnesota.

As students at Luther, I noted him as a cut above the average. He proved to be a genuine leader among men.

Although he does not parade his accomplishments or proclaim to everyone his apostolic calling, I can say it. Paul Anderson has demonstrated the attributes of an apostle for decades.

He served faithfully as Director of Lutheran Renewal Services, following in the steps of Larry Christiansen. Paul initiated the Masters Institute and he is the founding visionary behind the ARC, the Association of Renew Churches.

In addition, Paul has ministered world-wide, including Europe and Latin America.

Number five on the above list is “Flying with Two Wings: character and charisma.” That’s Paul Anderson. Together with his wife Karen and their family, they have modeled both godly character and genuine charisma for all to see.

Take another look at the list of apostolic traits. If anyone is still wondering “What is an apostle?” here’s your answer. If anyone is still wondering “Are there modern day apostles?”, Paul is your answer.

Before my book about apostles was published, Paul wrote a splendid endorsement. You can check out the book at www.ChurchesandApostles.com


  1. did Paul Anderson witness the Resurection? Neither did the false apostles of Ephesus. Only John was alive at this time. PAUL has previously warned the Esphesians about false teachers. Therefore watch, and remember that for three years I did not cease to warn everyone night and day with tears. (Acts Acts 20:29-31)

    • Hi Darryl,
      Thanks for your comment. Have you noticed in Eph 4:7 and following that the ascended Lord Jesus appointed other apostles who had not physically seen Him on earth? (One of these would be Timothy.) Also, according to the truths in Eph mentioned above, the ascended Lord is still appointing apostles.

      God bless you, and keep searching!

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