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Three Impressions of Kenya (Parts 2 and 3)

Part 1 appeared last week and can be viewed here. The title was The Taxi Driver and the Bishop: the Monumental Importance of the Church. It's an eye-opener and worth reading in a day some people … Read More →

My 3 Major Impressions of Kenya My Three Greatest Impressions of Kenya from our February Mission Trip (Part 1) Monumental Importance of the Church The Taxi Driver and the Bishop The name … Read More →

Communion–God’s Point of Contact

Communion—God’s Point of Contact God chose the Eucharist as a point of contact with His people. Question: Do spirits attach themselves to physical objects? Did Paul send out handkerchiefs … Read More →

The Apple and the Bun

The Apple and the Bun--Healing Power in Communion God Heals through the EucharistDownload The Apple and the Bun God Heals through the Eucharist (Holy Communion) The apple symbolizes … Read More →

Sage Advice Julie Cano Healing Testimony Advice Part 7

Sage advice for cancer sufferers. Julie Cano explains, "You don't have to die from cancer! Cancer is not a Death Sentence. She advises to get a mentor, learn the Budwig Protocol, drink Essiac Tea as … Read More →

Difficulties of Natural Healing–Julie Cano Testimony Part 6

Difficulties of Natural Healing--Julie Cano Testimony. IIn this video (Part 6) Julie Cano shares openly of the difficulties and challenges of going the natural route to physical healing. She had to … Read More →

Family Support for Cancer Healing –Julie Cano Part 5 Testimony

Julie Cano relates the importance of husband and other support groups in her healing from Stage 4 breast cancer. … Read More →

Opportunity to Travel to Israel in September 2019

Hello, Ethan here, I'm Mark's son. Since living in Israel for a year in 2003, I've been taking small groups on tours there from time to time. We get to experience the Land of the Bible, walk on the … Read More →

God Made Our Bodies to Heal –Julie Cano Part 4

God Made Our Bodies to Heal --Julie Cano Testimony of Healing Part 4 … Read More →