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Is Cancer Caused by a Demonic Spirit?

It was a matter of life and death for me to find out the answer to the question, "Is cancer caused by a demonic spirit? Please understnd. I had stage 4, inoperable cancer. "Is cancer caused by a … Read More →

Are You a Believer or a Disciple?

Are you a believer or a disciple? Jesus showed the difference between a believer and a disciple in the book of John. John recorded three times Jesus focused on discipleship: Definition of a … Read More →

9 Bible Reasons to Have More Kids

Why have more kids? You might be surprised. Here are 9 Bible reasons to have more kids. 1 What is the Great Commission? Many would say, Go, therefore, and make disciples of … Read More →

What is an “Open Heaven?”

What is an "Open Heaven"? Do you live with an open heaven? One night I had a dream where one angel was telling another angel to "move the golden hole." Hmmn . . . It was like there was a … Read More →

Prophetic Word: New Day has Dawned

For behold, the [covid] winter is past,The rain is over and gone. A new day has dawned. The blossoms have already appeared in the land;The time has … Read More →

Confession is Good for the Soul

Confession is good for the soul. It is healthful, but not easy. So here goes . . . About the year 2000 my wife Kari and I were walking in Zamboanga, a city in the southern Philippines. On the … Read More →

Crisis in Early Church: What is Salvation?

Crisis in Early Church: What is Salvation? What does it mean "to be saved?" This question caused a crisis in the early church twenty years after the crucifixion and resurrection. The question also … Read More →

Why Make a Commotion?

The Situation Jesus had just healed a “crazy” man and more recently, an incurable woman. Both were “impossible situations.”  Now He was at home in Capernaum and an elder in his … Read More →

Does Your Church Shout “Grace!”

What does your church shout? Every church has a certain "shout." By that I mean a noticeable feel or impression. It's that sense that people remember when they leave. It's what children--and … Read More →