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The Day I Cried Our daughter Sarah Kirsten put together this short video about one of the dramatic events in the lives of the Anderson family. I think you … Read More →

You are Such a Good Listener

My daughter surprised me last week. "You are such a god listener!" she exclaimed." Yes, a surprise. If she had said, "You never listen," I may not have been so surprised. Her accolade, of course, … Read More →

Darwin’s Road to Salvation Testimony Heaven opened for Darwin as he drove to Muscatine, Iowa for the first time in 2000. Now, in 2020, he retells how Jesus organized a series of events that led to his … Read More →

All Authority is from God

When I served as an intern at a Lutheran Church in Le Center, Minnesota, I did not get along well with the pastor. He looked askance at me for starting a jail ministry. Most of the people, however, … Read More →


Publisher's note: This powerful story is from Paul ANderson--not a relative, but a friend. I want everyone to know Paul wrote it, not me. Paul Anderson Karen and I were living at 1603 W. 7th … Read More →

Who Are the Greatest Heroes?

Let's give credit where credit is due. Great heroes abound in his time of crisis. Nursing home workers, nurses, policemen, firemen, first responders, doctors, lab workers, clergymen, and many others … Read More →

What Do You Say to People that Believe All Apostles and Prophets Died with Peter and Paul? Steve Fatow explains the difference between the apostles of Christ and the apostles of the Lamb. … Read More →

What Are You Doing for Fun During the Lockdown?

Me? I'll show you. Just so you know, our family is taking the lockdown seriously. We were all quarantined for 14 days early on, and thankfully that time is over now. I spent extra time in … Read More →

Facing the Giant of Fear

Facing the Giant of Fear Public speaking, terminal illness, coronavirus, flying, growing old, failing a test, facing a global shut-down. Someone just got afraid reading this list. As a boy I didn’t … Read More →