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Stephen–Forgiveness Unleashed

Chuck and Kitty Porta Stephen stood, facing a religious leadership group filled with unbridled hate. In about an hour, that hate would express itself with a brutal stoning and Stephen would die and … Read More →

5 cosas que la iglesia debe hacer ante la pandemia del coronavirus

Traducción por Edgar Mendez Gracias, Pastor Edgar 5 cosas que la iglesia debe hacer ante la pandemia del coronavirus. Si te preguntas qué hacer, empieza aquí Por Mark Anderson … Read More →

Coronavirus—5 Things the Church Should Do

5 things the church should do in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. If you're wondering what to do, start here. First, Go to God Through His Word and Prayer Have you noticed what comes right … Read More →

Get My Spanish Books Free

Answer for Cancer:9 Keys Get the Kindle Edition Free from Sunday, March 15 to Thursday, March 19 La muerte llamó a su puerta, pero Anderson se negó rotundamente a abrir. El cáncer inoperable de … Read More →

Toxic–The Issue of Forgiveness

A believer will get in serious trouble with God, if forgiveness is received for personal sin and then forgiveness withheld when it should be extended. Over many years, I have observed the dead-end … Read More →

John Adams’ Warning to America and You

John Adams' Warning to America "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." President John Adams to Massachusetts … Read More →

Purpose of Government? Do You Know What It Is?

What is the Purpose of Government According to the Bible? The purpose of government is seen in three scriptures. Government is related to authority and all authority is from God. For there … Read More →

President Trump Apologized

President Trump apologized during his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, DC on February 6, 2020. After acknowledging how hard the message of forgiveness can be, the President … Read More →

Open Letter to Rush Limbaugh

Send Answer for Cancer: 9 Keys to Rush Limbaugh Dear Rush Limbaugh, I saw in the Wall Street Journal that you have lung cancer and are taking medical treatments. God bless you and may you soon … Read More →