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You Are United with the Mexican Church

Pastor Gustavo and his Wife Marta Pastor, prophet, apostle and church planter--all that resides in the job description of Gustavo Villanueva. He and his wife Marta and their extended family reside … Read More →

California Wildfires

California Burning Again California Wildfires, Puerto Rico Hurricane, and 107 MPH Winds in the Midwest. How Do We Make Sense of these Things?   Could all these be “natural disasters?" … Read More →

Forgiveness in Action Forgiveness in Action Forgiveness in Action--here's one of the most dramatic examples I have ever seen or heard. In fact, one veteran court … Read More →

Men Hear Good News of Jesus

Bailey from Muddy Waters Masonry Heard Gospel Bailey the Masonry Man Bailey heard the good news of Jesus at our farm. He owns and operates Muddy Waters Masonry located in Andalusia, Illinois. … Read More →

Will Kari and I See You in Mexico?

Apóstoles Globales Iglesias Locales Kari and I will participate in a Prophetic Conference in Mexico City on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, October 25-27. We will also minister at various local … Read More →

“Get Yourself to Mongolia.”

Led by the Spirit God spoke to me, "Get yourself to Mongolia." Out of obedience I went! When I got settled in a hotel I asked God to show me why He sent me there and I felt impressed that … Read More →

5 Reasons to Join a Local Church

5 Reasons to Join Local Church Can you name 5 reasons to join a local church? Some people are saying they don't need to go to church. They say it's a waste of time. Or they have other reasons: … Read More →

Review of C. Peter Wagner’s Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

C Peter Wagner C Peter Wagner's Discover Your Spiritual Gifts was published by Chosen Books in 2017. Though short in stature, C Peter Wagner was a whale of a man and minister. His writings and … Read More →

I’m the Way to God’s Kingdom by Benjamin Primas

Publisher's note: Chicken Evangelism works! Benjamin Primas is an example of one who received Jesus Christ shortly after first hearing the wonderful gospel. The Holy Spirit prepared him. Benjamin … Read More →