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What’s Behind Our War Against Men?

Publisher's note: "What's Behind Our War Against Men?" first appeared as a lead article in World Net Daily's Whistleblower Magazine. The original title was "What's Behind the Left's War Against Men?" … Read More →

Spirit of God Comes to You at Communion

Spirit of Christ Indwells Communion Elements I intend to show from the Scriptures that the Spirit of Christ indwells the communion elements. As a background, let’s examine briefly the Catholic, … Read More →

God Answers Prayer for Leaders in Iowa

M Publisher's note: God Answers Prayer in Iowa. Yes! We are encouraged to keep crying out to God in heaven. He is faithful. At the Church of the Living Water in Muscatine, Iowa we take seriously … Read More →

How Would You Define Apostle? Howard Jackson here defines "apostle" in a generic sense in this first 54 second video. Now to a more specific use of the word "Apostle" in the New Testament. . . … Read More →

Let the Fear of God Fall on the Land

Let the Fear of God Fall on the Land The ongoing exposures of sexual harassment in America and the world are signs of revival. The exposure of church leaders who compromise and fail to repent … Read More →

Supernatural Communion Activity

Supernatural Communion Activity What is God Doing in Your Communion Services? Are you seeing supernatural communion activity? Supernatural events are occurring in our communion services. Most … Read More →

Myanmar Refugee Grows in Christ

  Myanmar Refugee Responds to Website Name: Bawi tin thang Email: Write your story here: My name is Bawi Tin Thang ,I’m from Myanmar ..i’m Living in malaysia as a refugee. Even I … Read More →

Difference Between Evangelists and Apostles? What is the Difference Between an Evangelist and an Apostle? Steve Fatow offers a clear distinction. Learn about chicken evangelism here. Learn more about modern … Read More →

What Are the Signs of an Apostle? What are the Signs of an Apostle? Fred Herzog answers the question many are asking today. Amid confusion and controversy, this veteran apostle responds with an … Read More →