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Difficulties of Natural Healing–Julie Cano Testimony Part 6

Difficulties of Natural Healing--Julie Cano Testimony. IIn this video (Part 6) Julie Cano shares openly of the difficulties and challenges of going the natural route to physical healing. She had to … Read More →

Family Support for Cancer Healing –Julie Cano Part 5 Testimony

Julie Cano relates the importance of husband and other support groups in her healing from Stage 4 breast cancer. … Read More →

Opportunity to Travel to Israel in September 2019

Hello, Ethan here, I'm Mark's son. Since living in Israel for a year in 2003, I've been taking small groups on tours there from time to time. We get to experience the Land of the Bible, walk on the … Read More →

God Made Our Bodies to Heal –Julie Cano Part 4

God Made Our Bodies to Heal --Julie Cano Testimony of Healing Part 4 … Read More →

Why Forgiveness is Necessary for Healing –Julie Cano Cancer Healing Part 3

    Julie Cano tells why forgiveness is necessary for healing. Part 3 of this cancer healing series will open eyes. Anyone wanting to get physical healing will find one of the keys … Read More →

Conversion Via LinkedIn

Here is Kari Anderson's account of good results with Chicken Evangelism. (New story submission from website.) I led someone to Christ! I recently was able to lead someone toward Jesus through … Read More →

What I Did –Julie Cano’s Breast Cancer Healing Story Part 2

              She received healing without chemo, radiation, or surgery.   What I Did --Julie Cano's Breast Cancer Healing … Read More →

God Healed Breast Cancer — Julie Cano’s Testimony

How God Healed Julie Cano from Breast Cancer. Watch the one minute 20 second video. Times have changed. There are Answers for Cancer. You don't need to die from cancer anymore. … Read More →

Priorities… Priorities… Priorities

      Know Your Purpose and Priorities   The classified section of the Quay County Sun newspaper in June of 1978 contained this ad: “Farmer with 160 irrigated … Read More →