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Our Dream Comes True

Ethan Anderson became lead pastor of the Church of the Living Water on August 9, 2020. This fulfills Kari's and my hopes and dreams for Ethan and the church. This process has been going on … Read More →

Megan’s Thank You for Cancer Guidance

Megan's Thank You for Cancer Guidance Some emails-- including Megan Byxbee's "Thank you for Cancer Guidance": 5/27/2020 Hello Megan, I am positively impressed by you cancer … Read More →

Do You Want to Beat Cancer with Gentle, Non-toxic Healing?

Do you want to beat cancer with gentle, non-toxic treatments? I'm healed of stage 4, inoperable cancer and am now helping people beat their own cancer--no matter what kind. Here's why I'm … Read More →

What Can an Apostle Do for Your Church? Fred Herzog, an experienced modern day apostle, gives an answer that may surprise you. I have know Fred for about 50 years. He's got the goods and is worth listening … Read More →

What is Ordination?

Ethan Anderson Ethan Anderson's Ordination July 19, 2020 10:15 AM at the Church of the Living Water Hooray! Ethan will be ordained into the ministry at the Church of the Living Water, 3120 Park … Read More →

Take Care What You Listen to

Take care what you listen to Jesus had a habit of dropping gems. Be not afraid! Take courage. Lo I Am with you. Gems that we love to hear . . . but easily dismiss. Here's a gem for today. Take … Read More →

Changed by Love: The Untold Stories

Publisher's note: On June 15th the US Supreme Court Defied God and Damaged Our Nation The article below is timely in light of the fateful court ruling. Read the testimonies of LGBT people who have … Read More →

Understanding “Brokenness” and “Surrender” Apostle and pastor Sonny Misar offers keys to maturity int his 18 minute video. Every minute offers insight for those who yearn for God to use them. … Read More →

The Iowa Blessing I enjoy publishing stories of God's blessings. At the Church of the Living Water we pray each Sunday morning for our leaders. Watch this music video for … Read More →