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Bernie Wing: God’s Viewpoint on the Sanctity of Life

Bernie Wing, True Bridge Ministry and former pastor at Grace Life Church, Marhall, Minnesota Hi Mark, I enjoyed your article: God, Government, and You.  I so agree and also have tried to … Read More →

God, Government and You

God, Government and You God . . . government . . . and you? What is God's design? How should we as Christians relate to government and government officials? Many struggle with government. Some … Read More →

Is “One Minute Witness” for You?

I recently found and their exciting ministry. They have a worldwide vision and are effective in personal evangelism and church … Read More →

Happy New Year–Arrest Stress with 12 Best Stress Arresters

Arrest stress and lock it away for good Stats for Stress, the Silent Killer 83% of US workers suffer from work-related stress.US businesses lose up to $300 billion yearly as a result of … Read More →

8 Things the World Needs to Know about Jesus’ Birth

One of our lambs peering across a manger 1 Jesus birth was announced in prophecy (Isaiah 9:6). 2 The place of His birth was also announced in advance (Micah 5:2). 3 His mother was a … Read More →

Cathe and Ron Taylor Tell Remarkable Story

Publisher's note: After publishing the video of Rani sharing how she led a janitor to eternal salvation through Christ Jesus, the Taylors sent this remarkable story to my email. I reprint it here in … Read More →

Rani Thomas’ Chicken Evangelism Testimony

Click the "Play" button to see and hear Rani's report. Rani Thomas tells the story of how she led a janitor to salvation through Christ Jesus. Rani has led numbers of people to eternal salvation and … Read More →

Jim McCracken: What are the Top Two Things an Apostle Can Do for a Church? Jim McCracken answers the question "What are the top two things an apostle can do for a local church?" Kari and I spent some time with Jim and his … Read More →

You Are United with the Mexican Church

Pastor Gustavo and his Wife Marta Pastor, prophet, apostle and church planter--all that resides in the job description of Gustavo Villanueva. He and his wife Marta and their extended family reside … Read More →