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The Baptism in the Holy Spirit is NOT . . .

Baptism in the Holy Spirit is NOT . . . The Baptism in the Holy Spirit is Not Given because you are good, righteous, sanctified, holy, or mature. Quite the contrary; the most famous writer of … Read More →

How to Improve Your Spiritual Gift of Discernment

Improve Your Spiritual Gift of Discernment How to improve your spiritual gift of discernment? First, Let's answer the questions: When a spiritual gift is bestowed, is it set forever or can it … Read More →

All Churches in New Testament Filled with Spirit and Tongues

All the churches in the New Testament were filled with the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. This may come as a shock to many modern day believers in Christ Jesus. In the first century, there … Read More →

Flower Girl Receives Christ!

Flower Girl Receives Christ Get Filled with the Holy Spirit People understand the fullness of the Holy Spirit in various ways. No matter how you understand it, most agree that the Holy … Read More →

Think Maturely about Speaking in Tongues

The Lord gave me this prophecy. "Take off the diapers! Think maturely about speaking in tongues." This Scripture came with it: Brethren, do not be children in your thinking; yet in evil be … Read More →

How to Find Direction by Praying In Tongues

Does "How to find direction by praying in tongues" pique your curiosity? Need guidance and direction for day-to-day matters? We all do. Try this process. Praying in tongues makes our love for … Read More →

What to Do When You Don’t Feel Like a Christian

Do you feel like a Christian? Maybe I should ask, "How does a Christen feel?" Last week I went to Muscatine Lawn and Power to purchase a part for our lawn mower. As I entered, I saw the owner, a … Read More →

Chicken Evangelism: A Strategic First Step in Evangelism

Chicken evangelism: a strategic first step in evangelism! Let me give a recent example of how it worked with a fellow named Dennis Yerington. Dennis (now known as Denny) was repairing soffits and … Read More →

How Jesus Obliterated All Opposition to a Miracle

How Jesus Obliterated all Opposition to a Miracle The Situation: Desperate--Jesus needed to obliterate all opposition to a Miracle Jesus had just healed a “crazy” man and more … Read More →