Chicken Evangelism Breakthrough

Tom Lee recently experienced a chicken evangelism breakthrough. He led a man to salvation through Christ Jesus!

Who’s tom Lee? He serves as an elder in The Church of the Living Water in Muscatine. He also teaches music in the Durant Public School system. Perhaps there’s never been a more faithful servant of God than Tom. An exaggeration? Perhaps, but not by much.  Tom is an example of one who loves God and loves people. He spends time with the Lord, prays regularly, and sacrificially serves old and young.

In spite of all of Tom’s virtues, one quality has eluded him in his life and ministry — soul-winning. He has had a strong hand in discipling, training and helping many find their destiny in Christ. Yet, like many mature believers, this matter of reaping souls for the Kingdom of God has eluded him. I have heard Tom pray aloud many times that God would open his mouth, that he would speak boldly, and that he would make the gospel clear, as he ought (Ephesians 6:19 and 20).

Despite Tom’s hopes and prayers, the requests for souls continued to go unanswered. Tom stated, “I saw no fruit at all” from those prayers. Perhaps the same experience may be true for many believers.

But now things have changed! Tom found a chicken evangelism breakthrough! Watch the video to hear his story. It begins as Tom tells his concern for a man named Ryan.





God is faithful to answer prayer!



Benjamin’s Story

Flag of Benjamin

Flag of the Czech Republic


Benjamin is a young man from the Czech Republic. He’s strong, vibrant, a real go-getter. My wife met him in his home country and invited him to come to the States to visit us. He came sporting a mohawk haircut and wearing a black leather jacket complete with silver spikes.

We enjoyed each other and Benjamin helped around the house and on the farm.

After about one week Benjamin and our son Matthew met. They are about the same age so they hit it off well. Benjamin and some people from church conversed. It seems a couple of the church people asked Benjamin, “Have you received Jesus Christ into your life?” I don’t know what he answered, but he came home and asked, “What does it mean to receive Jesus Christ?”

I did my best to explain, but limited my answer to let him muse over the question.

On their second visit together our son Matthew must have given a clear explanation of the gospel.  Here’s how I know.

I will never forget the moment. I was standing by the gate in front of our barn. Benjamin walked directly to me and said, “I just want you to know I received Jesus Christ into my life.”

I was so happy for him — saved for all eternity! (I was also happy for our son Matthew.)

Benjamin stayed in our home for about 8 weeks before returning to the Czech Republic. What follows is Benjamin’s first email letter after spending time at his home. Note: Benjamin feels strong in Christ and likes to be called “Samson!”

Does Chicken Evangelism work? Read the letter and judge for yourself.

Hello Mark,

Today I would like to send greetings to You, Kari and rest of your family.

God is good and whoever believes is becoming good too.

Life is getting nice here at house of my family, Me and my Mother, we have spoke about Christ few times. Siblings are getting more tolerant, helpful and lovely at all. Yesterday Rachel [sister] told Me about my faith that it’s really beautiful. – Amen.

My belief is strong and getting stronger new projects are coming even without hunting them, God is opening doors everywhere.

There is still only one lord over my life. 🙂 Jesus is showing right way even when it’s getting harder so I am quite sure that eternal life is working out. 🙂

Love in Christ, Samson.

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Interested in Israel?

Have you ever thought, “How can I genuinely bless Israel?” Consider this short video from Jason Elam.

How Chicken Evangelism Works

How Chicken Evangelism Works

How Chicken Evangelism Works

How chicken evangelism works may be different every time. What it means is share Christ before you chicken out. Here’s one experience.

I dropped my mouse. (Not a pet mouse, you know, but the computer kind.) Anyway, my mouse broke and I needed a new one.

Radio Shack summoned. While there I bought a replacement, paid for it, and walked toward the door. The clerk who helped me choose the new Logitech mouse was sitting at his desk near the door.

“Have a nice day,” he volunteered as I neared the exit.

“Thanks, you too. And thanks for helping me with the mouse.”

“No problem.”

Then it gently hit me. I don’t exactly know what hit me, but without thinking, I asked his name.

“Lucas*.” He returned.

“Oh, that’s a Bible name. Have you received Jesus Christ into your life?”

“No. I have not.” He spoke with a definite tone giving me the impression he had considered the matter and decided against it. Nevertheless, he continued matter-of-factly, “I was raised a Lutheran, went to a Lutheran school. I had too many questions they couldn’t answer.”

“I too was raised a Lutheran,” I said quietly. “ I learned a few things.” At the mention of a “few things,” he gave a faint smile. I didn’t feel it necessary to tell him I am a graduate of Luther Theological Seminary in St. Paul and own a Master’s Degree from that institution.

“I’ll be leaving in less than a minute, but I have something meaningful to pass on before I go.” Lucas looked interested.

“Jesus Christ died for our sins — I probably have more of those than you. He died for our sins, and He rose again from the dead. He is offering a free gift. We can receive Him and His free gift of salvation like a child receives a gift from his father. “

“Would you be willing to receive the gift in child-like faith?’ I was moved as I asked. I sensed an anointing. God was letting me see how chicken evangelism works.

I was a little surprised when he responded, “Yes, I would.” Only 30 seconds earlier his defenses were up. Now, after hearing the gospel, his defenses were non-existent. The gospel has it’s own power!

“Ask Jesus Christ into your life like a little child. When He comes inside, He works from the inside out.”

“I will,” he repeated and gave another faint smile.

“I hope to see you again, Lucas*. If I do, I’ll ask what happened and how’s it going. Bye for now.”

Just think. If Lucas* does just what he said he’d do, his name will be indelibly engraved in heaven, and his sin will be forgiven. Jesus will come inside and guide him. Eternity and earth will both be different.

Some people think it can’t happen like this. But I know it can and does. Read some stories. Furthermore, I didn’t change right away after I received Christ. I was still a case to make heaven and earth fall to their knees and weep. (Oh, my poor mother and brother and sister!)

The gospel is the power of God for salvation to everyone who has faith. If there is anything I’ve learned, it’s this. Make the gospel clear.

If you have a story of how chicken evangelism works, post it in the comment box. If I can lead someone to Christ, so can you. Just ask, “Have you received Jesus Christ into your life?” And for God’s sake, give ‘em the gospel!

Chicken Evangelism at Its Finest

Personal Evangelism

Chicken Evangelism–Bring Up Christ before You Chicken Out

Today we made a man cry. Not in sorrow, not in joy, but because God moved on his heart.

My wife and I were Christmas shopping at the mall in Iowa City. (Yes, I know it’s January, but Kari is a great bargain hunter. We were buying presents – pajamas for the whole family — for next Christmas while they’re on sale now. While checking out at the counter, we fell into conversation with the young man who seemed to be the store manager.

“What’s your name?”

“My name is Jason*, but I have a nickname too.”

“OK, what’s your nickname?”

“They’ve called me ‘Ironman’ for the past 6 years. I dress up as Ironman and do fundraisers. My favorite fundraiser is ‘Save the Children.’”

“Like pro-life?” my wife asked.

“Yup, that’s my favorite.”

“You sound like you’re a believer. Have you received Jesus Christ into your life?” I asked.

“Yes, I did. But I’ll be honest with you. I’ve given up on Him.”

“Oh, how’s that? Tell us more.”

“Too many bad things happened. The last time I prayed, my grandmother died. I didn’t want to pray anymore, cuz I didn’t want any more people to die.”

“I really appreciate your honesty. I can tell you’ve really been tested.”


We talked on a bit more as he was folding our pajamas. After listening, I wanted to give him hope and encouragement.

“Are you reading your Bible?”

“No, I don’t read it at all right now. I just can’t. I want to get back. I’m trying. I’m doing everything in my power to get back, but I just can’t do it right now.”

After listening for awhile, I wanted to encourage him.

“Here’s what helps me. Reading the Bible, going to church, and getting filled with the Holy Spirit including talking in tongues.”

Kari interjected, “We know a really good pastor here in town. He’s Brad Sherman and the church is called Solid Rock Church.”

“After we go, my wife and I will pray for you,” I said as we picked up our purchases and nodded toward the door.
At this the man started wiping his face. His tears flowed freely and His voice was cracking.

“You are the second people who have made me cry today,” he said. He stopped everything and was unashamedly pouring out his soul to us, total strangers moments before, but now heart-felt confidants.

“Thank you so much for talking with me,” he said as he stuck out his hand for us to grasp.

We left. Shortly outside the store, we stopped in the mall corridor and prayed for this tender-hearted man. With such a gentle spirit, we suspect he’s called into ministry.

I’m so glad for Chicken Evangelism. Chicken Evangelism simply means to share Christ before you chicken out. We continually marvel at how open people are. People want to talk about their faith.

Chicken Evangelism — It’s the call to adventure!

Have you got a personal evangelism story? Share it in the contact box. Thanks.

Chicken Evangelism — Brian Leads a Carryout Worker to Christ

Here’s an example of Chicken Evangelism. Brian Dobony tells the story of how he went to the grocery store for food. The carryout worker ends up taking the Bread of Life.


Way to go, Brian!

Some people — more than we know — are prepared by the Holy Spirit to receive Christ as Savior. Jesus brought many into the kingdom on His first encounter with them. Let’s take faith and do what Jesus did. A revival of personal evangelism is already going on!

Chicken Evangelism — James’ Story


Chicken Evangelism

Chicken Evangelism (Not actual photo of James)

James’ story is not unique; rather, it’s  typical. His story ilustrates how chicken evangelism works. It shows the power of the seed of God planted within man’s spirit, even if he’s rebellious. It also shows the power of prayer and the love of God toward us all.

I met James only one time and that was for a few precious minutes together. We met at the Muscatine Mall at Christmas time in 2010.

My wife was wrapping presents at a store in the mall. While waiting for her to finish her shift, I sat down in an empty chair beside another waiting man.

I introduced myself and began a conversation with James. He was in his twenties and dressed in sweat clothes, if I remember correctly. We talked about sports to pass the time.

Since I’m passionate about Christ, I asked him without much delay, “Have you received Jesus Christ into your life?” (I knew I needed ask within the first minutes of conversation; if I delayed, I would “chicken out.”)

James responded to my “chicken evangelism” question rather dejectedly, “No, I haven’t. But my wife has.” (Did he think his wife’s Christianity would rescue him?)

“That’s good for her,” I returned, “and I have some really good news for you too. Jesus Christ loves you. He died for your sins … and He rose again from the dead! He has a free gift for you that’s called ‘Salvation!’ It’s not because we are good or bad — it’s just a free gift.

James listened quietly and didn’t say much.  I asked, “Does this make sense to you?”

“Yes,” he said after pondering a moment.

“Do you understand what I’m saying about salvation?  That it’s a free gift because Jesus paid the price for our sins?”

Again, “Yes.”

The conversation flowed naturally; nothing dramatic, but very real. My new acquaintance was sitting right beside me; just two guys talking in the mall.

I continued, “Since this makes sense to you, is there any reason why you would not want to accept Christ Jesus into your life right now?” It was all very matter-of-fact. After prompting, James bowed his head and prayed. I didn’t hear his words, but after a while he lifted his head and announced, “I did it!”

He seemed happier than he was a few minutes before, but nothing very emotional. As we talked, he explained that his wife attended an Assembly of God church. I strongly encouraged him to go with her to church.

I have never seen James since that life-changing moment at the mall, but I’ve never forgotten him. Neither has God.

Chicken Evangelism — James’ Story Sequel

Recently, I said hello to a woman I recognized at the HyVee Restaurant. She introduced me to her daughter who was with her. The daughter turned out to be James’ wife! They enthusiastically started telling me about James. He has become a genuine disciple of the Lord Jesus, attending church every week. He is faithful as a husband and father, serving God whole-heartedly. They explained he had enrolled in a “Road to Emmaus” course which had been instrumental in bringing him along in his walk with Jesus.

His wife literally beamed as she reported her husband’s commitment and said, “James has never forgotten you!”

Have you tried bringing up Christ with a stranger … before you chicken out? How wonderful is Chicken Evangelism! James’ story verifies that we are “born again not of seed which is perishable but imperishable . . .” (I Peter 1:23). You can reach people for Christ through chicken evangelism. It starts with love. The reward is LIFE for all who believe! We can do it because the seed of Christ is in us!

When you lead someone to salvation through Christ, tell your story in the comment box or by contacting me directly. I’d like to hear from you. Your story will encourage others. Let’s get this revival going!


Chicken Evangelism News


Chicken Evangelism News

Chicken Evangelism News

Four items squeezed into a five-day period gave me some encouraging Chicken Evangelism news. (Chicken Evangelism means to share Christ early, before you chicken out.)

First, I led a twelve-year-old girl to assurance of her salvation.

Her mother sent her inside the church building to pick up something the family needed. (We had talked with the family on the telephone, but had never met them in person.) The girl and I chatted briefly until I asked her, “Have you received Jesus Christ into your life?” She said she wasn’t sure, but didn’t think so.

I took some time to present her with the good news of the gospel. Upon hearing, she readily bowed her head to pray and receive her Savior.

But what about follow-up?

People sometimes ask what I do about follow up with someone who receives Christ. That question leads me to the second encouraging Chicken Evangelism news event in this five-day period.

About a year ago a man named Antemeo came to our farm to buy a lamb. During his visit I led him to receive Jesus Christ into his life by faith. Since he lived miles away, I never saw him again and my only follow up was some brief prayers.

But now, Antemeo was in our driveway again, seeking to buy another lamb. I was excited to see him and asked several questions. “Are you following the Lord Jesus now?” Antemeo smiled and twisted his hand back and forth to indicate “yes and no.” “Are you attending church now,” I continued. Again, his answer was “sometimes.”

I was elated. Here was a man who when I first met him was not following God at all. Now he was “sometimes” following Him. A year ago, he never attended church. Now he sometimes attended church!

Next question: “Do you have a Bible?” He replied, “Yes.” And are you reading it?” Again, “Sometimes” was his reply.

I am so encouraged by this. Some may think this is terrible, that he is merely a lukewarm Christian and that he needs to make a full life change. I agree he needs to make a full life change.

But look! When I received Christ Jesus into my life as a teenager, my life didn’t change dramatically. In fact, at that time, my life didn’t change at all. I was still as ornery as ever. But Christ came inside me. The Savior had entered my life! His power didn’t show outwardly until many months, even years later.

It can be the same for Antemeo or for anyone else who receives Christ as Savior.

The third piece of encouraging Chicken Evangelism news

A man in our church named Brian happily reported he had led a fellow to salvation on their first encounter. Brian went to Fareway Foods for groceries. After Brian paid, the “carry-out boy” pushed Brian’s cart out to his car. Brian had never met this high school aged boy before. Brian practiced Chicken Evangelism. In genuine Christian love, he gave the man the good news of the gospel and asked if he were ready to receive Christ as Savior. God had prepared the young man’s heart. He readily prayed by the car to receive the salvation that Jesus had paid such a great price to offer. Praise God!

Here’s the fourth piece of good Chicken Evangelism news, all within five days.

We have a wonderful pastor in our town named Todd. He and I had earlier discussed personal evangelism and I had shared how God was using me to bring up Christ with strangers before I chickened out.

Now Pastor Todd was calling me on the phone to let me know he had just led a man to salvation. During Todd’s conversation with this man, Todd thought, “Why not?” and popped a God question. It turned out the man was not a believer in Christ, but the Lord had prepared his heart. Todd led him to a sincere faith in Christ!

This made me so happy because I know that as pastors practice personal evangelism and lead folks to salvation, parishioners will follow.

It’s fun to lead prepared people to Christ. Everyone can do it. These Chicken Evangelism news reports show that. If you have a story of how you have led someone to eternal salvation, please pass it on to me on the contact page. Thanks.

Just remember–share Christ before you chicken out.


Flower Girl Receives Christ

Flower Girl Receives Christ

Flower Girl Receives Christ

She was the clerk at the flower shop in  our local Hy-Vee grocery store. I will call her the “flower girl” in this story. We had never met before.

(I’m writing this story to show how some people are so open to God and how easy it is to lead a person to salvation in Jesus Christ. You can do it as well as I. Just share Christ before you “chicken out!” Remember to make the gospel clear, and help them to actually receive Jesus Christ into their life through faith. You will be glad you did.)

I wanted to buy flowers for my wife. After selecting a beautiful pink rose, I came to the counter to pay. The young attendant was helpful. Since she was not busy with other customers, I asked her, “Have you received Jesus Christ into your life?”

“My mother attends mass every week,” the flower girl replied. Instantly I knew she personally had no real connection with the Savior. She added that occasionally she attended with her mom.

“That’s great!” I answered. “Then you may have heard that Jesus Christ died for your sins and rose again from the dead.” She nodded, but made no reply.

My answer surprised me. In the past I had never known what to say to Roman Catholics. I knew some were saved and some were not, as in every denomination. For some reason I had always been stymied in trying to witness to Catholics. With my answer this time (“that’s great!”), I sensed the Holy Spirit was present and leading me. He was teaching me and giving me a word of wisdom to help the flower girl.

I continued with fresh enthusiasm. “This is the good news. Jesus died for our sins, rose from death, and is offering us a free gift—eternal life.” She kept focusing on what I was saying.

Right then another employee came, heard us talking, and interrupted. I didn’t know what to do, so I asked him the same question, “Have you received Jesus Christ into your life?” He answered affirmatively, then poured cold water on the conversation by saying, “Yes, but I don’t want to talk about it!” I was so riled I could have wrung his neck. Fortunately, he left the area and went on his way leaving me alone at the counter with the flower girl.

You can be certain I prayed fervently for no more interruptions!

“I have really great news for you. Jesus Christ died for our sins. He rose again from the dead. He has a free gift of salvation for all who receive Him by faith. Does this make sense to you?” She wasn’t sure. It seemed like new thoughts to her.

So I continued. “It’s not how good or bad we are. Salvation is a free gift which we can receive in childlike trust. God is offering it to you right now. Would you like to receive Jesus and His free gift into your heart?”

The flower girl nodded affirmatively this time and said, “Yes.”

“Then go ahead and ask Jesus into your heart right here. No one will know what you are doing,” I informed her. She bowed her head and prayed there at the counter. (For my part, I prayed for all I was worth that no customers would come right then. None came!)

After prayer the flower girl lifted her eyes and smiled with the most beautiful radiance that the world can ever hope to see. It’s the radiance of a newborn babe in Christ that only those who have led another to faith in the Savior have the privilege to see. I prayed aloud and asked God to seal and anchor the eternal work God had done in her life.

I left her with her newly acquired radiance, took the flowers for my wife, and went on my way rejoicing.

Jesus said, “Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields, that they are white for harvest.” In other words, see what He sees, get a vision for the lost. It’s about love. Love for Him and love for people. We don’t want anyone to go to hell.

You can lead people like the flower girl to Christ. Jesus said, ” I sent you to reap that for which you have not labored. Love helps us open our mouth to tell of Jesus. Share Christ before you “chicken out!” Because we love ’em, we tell ’em.


to Christ

Friends Not Christians?

Publisher’s note: The question How much time do I spend in a normal week with people who are not Christians? convicts most honest believersKevin Harney wrote this original article with the title How to Stay Connected to the Unchurched. His words, first published in Outreach Magazine, caused my grey matter to jiggle. How much time am I spending with people who are not Christians?

Friends Not Christians?

Friends Not Christians?

How much time do I spend in a normal week with people who are not Christians?

He was the pastor of a large and growing outreach-oriented church. When he asked if we could meet and talk about reaching lost people, I was glad to carve out a lunch to meet him. After a few minutes of introductions, we ordered our food, and he launched into a barrage of questions all listed on his yellow pad of paper: “What outreach programs are working at your church?” “How do you get your board to invest more money in outreach?” “What is your best evangelistic sermon?” He fired question after question, and I tried to give helpful answers.

Right about the time our food came, I felt the Holy Spirit nudge me to ask him two very specific questions. I felt a little awkward because I knew he still had a big list of questions, but I looked at him and asked, “How much time do you spend in a normal week with people who are not yet followers of Jesus?” He looked at me, and then looked down at his food for an uncomfortable amount of time, saying nothing. Finally he looked up and locked eyes with me with a very sober look on his face. He did not speak, but simply lifted his right hand; placing the tip of his thumb against his pointer finger, he made a circle. He swallowed and said, “None! I am so busy doing ministry, I don’t have time to invest in nonbelievers.”

I asked my second question, “How many friends do you have that are not Christians?” The look in his eyes gave the answer—none!

My next words popped out of my mouth almost reflexively: “I don’t think we need to talk about the rest of your questions right now. Would it be OK if we spent time talking about ways we can make sure we have significant time in our week set aside for relationships with nonbelievers?”

What followed was a great conversation about the challenges of staying connected with people who are not Christians, and how this gets more difficult the longer we are believers. This is true for pastors, church leaders and all Christians.

Since that day, I have consistently worked on making sure I always have a number of non-Christian friends and that I have regular time carved out to be with them. This means when these friends come to faith in Jesus, I have to expand my circle of friends again.

Here are some simple ways to battle this tendency to drift away from the very people who most need Christians in their life:

1. Try something new. I once joined a community soccer league just to build some new friendships with people outside of the church.

2. Evaluate your schedule. Once a week, look back and honestly assess how much time you spent with non-Christians. Adjust as needed.

3. Connect with old friends. Call people you have not connected with for months or even years. Seek to rekindle these friendships.

4. Serve in your community. Volunteer in a civic organization, a club, or some other community group. These hours could be more fruitful than time you serve at the church.

5. Enter their world. Ask a nonbelieving person you know if you can participate in something they enjoy. Hang out in their world.

6. Bridge relationships. Get to know a nonbeliever who is close with one of your Christian friends.

7. Bridge relationships among nonbelievers. Ask a friend who is not a Christian if you can meet and spend time with some of their friends.

8. Make your home a prayer hub. Let your neighbors know that you would be glad to pray for any joys or needs they have. You might be surprised how many non-Christians actually ask you to pray for them. This can lead to spiritual conversations and new friendships.

Ask yourself these two questions often:

How much time do I spend in a normal week with people who are not Christians?

How many friends do I have who are not Christians?

If you don’t like your answers, do something about it!