He Came for Lamb–The Lamb Came for Him


Lamb Was On His Mind

He came for Lamb.  The Lamb of God came for him.

He came for Lamb. The Lamb of God came for him.

Two fellows stopped by the farm to buy a lamb. We sell grass-fed lamb but at that time we had none available. In the subsequent chit-chat I asked Handy, the man who did most of the talking, “Have you received Jesus Christ into your life?” By this time both guys were sitting in their car getting ready to drive away.

Handy’s reply was immediate and with a smile. “Yes, I have.” He explained he attended the Catholic Church in a neighboring town whenever he wasn’t working. I commended him and encouraged him to keep it up.

Handy’s friend did not speak much English so I had not paid much attention to him. But I really wanted to lead another man to Christ, so it dawned on me to ask him the same question. “Have you received Jesus Christ into your life?”

“No, I don’t go to church, “he answered.

“I’m not asking you about church. I’m asking you about Jesus. Have you received Jesus Christ into your life?” The question made him pause and think. Antemeo, after a moment, admitted, “No, I have not.”

The Lamb of God Had This Man in His Mind

“I have really good news for you,” I announced with some excitement. I have learned to make the gospel both clear and glorious as much as I possibly can. I know that the gospel is the power of God for salvation to all who will believe. So I proceeded to let him know Jesus Christ cared much about him, that Jesus died on the cross to save him from his sins, that He rose again from the dead and that He had a free gift to offer. The gift is eternal life.

His friend sitting with him in the car helped out by interpreting whenever needed.

The Lamb of God Was Working Inside

“Does all this make sense to you,” I asked. His friend interpreted and added a couple of sentences of his own that I didn’t understand. Then the friend informed me, “He understands.”

Good. Is there any reason why you would not want to accept Jesus and His free gift into your life right now while you are sitting in this car?” This was a new thought to Antemeo. His friend was silent but not disapproving.

I could tell Antemeo was open to God, but didn’t really know what to do. So much was happening so fast.

I quietly mentioned this decision to invite Christ into his life was really important and should not be delayed. “You could die on your way home tonight,” I said. “You never know when God could call you home. Why don’t you go ahead and ask Christ into your life right now?”

That spoke to Antemeo. He was ready. He nodded affirmatively, so I asked, “ Do you want to ask Him into your life out loud or silently. He spoke something to his friend the interpreter. The interpreter told me in English, “He wants to do it silently.”

“Ok, go ahead and talk to Jesus. Invite Him into your life. Just tell me when you’re done.” Antemeo prayed nearly a minute with head bowed. After looking up he announced, “I did it.”

I responded with an immediate prayer of thanksgiving and asked the Lord to seal and anchor the implanted Seed of Christ. Then I encouraged him to attend church with his friend.

“May I take your picture?” I asked.  Antemeo smiled and gave his OK. Nearly everyone who sees this photo notes the happiness on his face. Thank God!

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