Chicken Evangelism News


Chicken Evangelism News

Chicken Evangelism News

Four items squeezed into a five-day period gave me some encouraging Chicken Evangelism news. (Chicken Evangelism means to share Christ early, before you chicken out.)

First, I led a twelve-year-old girl to assurance of her salvation.

Her mother sent her inside the church building to pick up something the family needed. (We had talked with the family on the telephone, but had never met them in person.) The girl and I chatted briefly until I asked her, “Have you received Jesus Christ into your life?” She said she wasn’t sure, but didn’t think so.

I took some time to present her with the good news of the gospel. Upon hearing, she readily bowed her head to pray and receive her Savior.

But what about follow-up?

People sometimes ask what I do about follow up with someone who receives Christ. That question leads me to the second encouraging Chicken Evangelism news event in this five-day period.

About a year ago a man named Antemeo came to our farm to buy a lamb. During his visit I led him to receive Jesus Christ into his life by faith. Since he lived miles away, I never saw him again and my only follow up was some brief prayers.

But now, Antemeo was in our driveway again, seeking to buy another lamb. I was excited to see him and asked several questions. “Are you following the Lord Jesus now?” Antemeo smiled and twisted his hand back and forth to indicate “yes and no.” “Are you attending church now,” I continued. Again, his answer was “sometimes.”

I was elated. Here was a man who when I first met him was not following God at all. Now he was “sometimes” following Him. A year ago, he never attended church. Now he sometimes attended church!

Next question: “Do you have a Bible?” He replied, “Yes.” And are you reading it?” Again, “Sometimes” was his reply.

I am so encouraged by this. Some may think this is terrible, that he is merely a lukewarm Christian and that he needs to make a full life change. I agree he needs to make a full life change.

But look! When I received Christ Jesus into my life as a teenager, my life didn’t change dramatically. In fact, at that time, my life didn’t change at all. I was still as ornery as ever. But Christ came inside me. The Savior had entered my life! His power didn’t show outwardly until many months, even years later.

It can be the same for Antemeo or for anyone else who receives Christ as Savior.

The third piece of encouraging Chicken Evangelism news

A man in our church named Brian happily reported he had led a fellow to salvation on their first encounter. Brian went to Fareway Foods for groceries. After Brian paid, the “carry-out boy” pushed Brian’s cart out to his car. Brian had never met this high school aged boy before. Brian practiced Chicken Evangelism. In genuine Christian love, he gave the man the good news of the gospel and asked if he were ready to receive Christ as Savior. God had prepared the young man’s heart. He readily prayed by the car to receive the salvation that Jesus had paid such a great price to offer. Praise God!

Here’s the fourth piece of good Chicken Evangelism news, all within five days.

We have a wonderful pastor in our town named Todd. He and I had earlier discussed personal evangelism and I had shared how God was using me to bring up Christ with strangers before I chickened out.

Now Pastor Todd was calling me on the phone to let me know he had just led a man to salvation. During Todd’s conversation with this man, Todd thought, “Why not?” and popped a God question. It turned out the man was not a believer in Christ, but the Lord had prepared his heart. Todd led him to a sincere faith in Christ!

This made me so happy because I know that as pastors practice personal evangelism and lead folks to salvation, parishioners will follow.

It’s fun to lead prepared people to Christ. Everyone can do it. These Chicken Evangelism news reports show that. If you have a story of how you have led someone to eternal salvation, please pass it on to me on the contact page. Thanks.

Just remember–share Christ before you chicken out.


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