How Jesus Obliterated All Opposition to a Miracle

How Jesus Obliterated all Opposition to a miracle
How Jesus Obliterated all Opposition to a Miracle

The Situation: Desperate–Jesus needed to obliterate all opposition to a Miracle

Jesus had just healed a “crazy” man and more recently, an incurable woman. Both were “impossible situations.”

Now He was near his home in Capernaum. Immediately an emergency greeted Him! An elder in his home synagogue requested He come quickly to deal with his twelve-year-old daughter who was either dying or already dead.

The situation was dire. Which was worse? Death, fear, or unbelief?

The Problem: Unbelief. Jesus must remove all opposition to a miracle

Death didn’t faze Jesus. But He saw fear and the surrounding atmosphere of unbelief as the great obstacles.

Why make a commotion and weep? Jesus came to restore life. But as He entered the house of the synagogue leader, he observed a commotion with people loudly weeping and wailing.

In our lower nature, we are attracted to sickness and tragedy.. As soon as we hear a report, “someone is in the hospital,” we want to know more details.

Often times, people get attention when sick. Some attention may be necessary, even Godly, but in the case of Jairus’ daughter, Jesus came to heal.

The Solution: Jesus took action to obliterate all opposition to His next miracle

Jesus cut through the commotion. Jesus spoke the word of truth. Even though the girl had been pronounced dead, Jesus saw the reality: The child is not dead, but sleeping.

Healing requires an accurate set of data points. Natural observance is not always accurate. Doctors’ statements offer only the doctor’s perspective.

The Word of God offers reality. Sanctify us in Your truth. Your word is truth (John 17:17).

Jesus’s first action was to stop fear in the father, who was the authority figure in this case. Do not be afraid, only believe. He replaced fear with faith. (Mark 5:36).

Next, Jesus cut off all surrounding unbelief. He allowed no one to follow Him except His three companions (Mark 5:37). He was adamant about this. No sceptics or wailers were allowed to trespass. No doubters allowed in the house! Only those who could push faith over the top could come in the house with Him.

Can you imagine what a stir this made among His disciples? Among His supporters? Among the friends of the elder? Do You know of any other time Jesus took such drastic action? Is this an example for modern-day ministers?

The line had been drawn. Jesus was steeling Himself against doubt, skepticism and unbelief. Emotion was focused on health and resurrection. Adrenalin raged in His body and He would let nothing interfere.

But suddenly, the crisis went south as Christ and His compatriots approached Jairus’ house: The whole house reeked of hopelessness and death. The din of death was resounding throughout the neighborhood.

Jesus immediately challenged the commotion, the attention, the emotion, the wailing, the weeping. He put an end to all of it. He put them all outside.

To put them all outside is an understatement. The Greek word is from ek-ballo. It is a strong word, the same word used to cast out demons!

Then He altered the atmosphere. He displaced the attention, the focus and the noise in the house with His presence. Apparently, some young believers learning grace were expelled from the room.

Do you think this action was easy for Jesus? No, there is strong tradition to surround the sick with sympathy. In fact, well-meaning friends and sympathizers began laughing at Jesus. The laughing was mockery and ridicule, not humor. King James translation says, they laughed Him to scorn (Mark 5:40).

But Jesus proceeded to put them all out. He insisted on exclusive concentration of focus on health and resurrection.

How I Got Healed from Stage 4, Inoperable Cancer

I understand what Jesus was doing and why He did it.

In about 2012, I was near death from cancer and had to do the same. I had to shut out all negative and even neutral influences. I was in the hospital when I realized I could no longer listen to the news. When I got home from the hospital, I asked that no one be allowed to call. I could not allow sympathy. I allowed no movies of people suffering, especially from cancer.

I requested Tom Lee, an anointed singer, to come to the house and sing hymns to me. I got a hymnbook and began to absorb the choruses. The Bible became my recipe book and my textbook. Nothing but hope and faith were allowed to enter my room.

Mark 5:35-43 is Jesus’ playbook for local church healing today. Jairus was the Father of the little girl and the name of the synagogue leader in Capernaum where Jesus lived. This man needed the rarified atmosphere of faith.

“O for a thousand tongues to sing my great Redeemer’s praise. . . .” These are the voices of the local church surrounding the needy. This is the resounding roar of the redeeming church in action. This is the triumphant cry of the army of God engaged in battle. May you be surrounded by such a chorus!

Never allow yourself to imagine that your voice has no power. Our tongues have the power to change circumstances. Our mouths are creative. Life and death are in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18: 21). By the word of the Lord the heavens were made and by the breath of His mouth, all their host (Psalm 33:6).

This is the reason why I teach the church to pray aloud, all together. This is the church speaking words of faith that actively create according to the will of God. This is why people praying together in tongues manifest remarkable power before God. We need to obliterate all opposition to miracles.

This is why the Church of the Living Water in Muscatine has enjoyed a history of remarkable, supernatural acts from God.

Many are saved, filled with the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues.

God delivered Walt and others from alcoholism.

Sheila is alive today because of faith.

God spoke audibly to two schoolteachers–Bernice and Genevieve.

God healed me from stage 4, inoperable cancer.

And the list goes on–Randy is healed of a crushed arm bone because of the gift of miracles in a single church member.

God restored the feeling in Lenora’s hand 4 years following her stroke.

Following mastectomy surgery at age sixteen, Sheila could not raise her arm for 43 years. Then suddenly, during a regular worship service, an Unseen Arm tugged her arm upwards. At that moment she was instantaneously healed.

When the local church concentrates positive faith and love on a needy person, God acts. When the local church voices the joyful atmosphere of faith, the heavenly hosts magnify the chorus before the Throne. When the local church piles on the positive anticipation of healing, God acts. When the local church isolates a person in the cocoon of redemptive faith and hope, the power of God lifts the needy from the ash heap into the supernatural realm.

Every member and every church makes a choice. We can do what Jesus did and obliterate all opposition to miracles, or we can allow skepticism and doubt to accompany us. Let’s be courageous and do what Jesus did.


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