Chicken Evangelism: A Strategic First Step in Evangelism

Chicken evangelism: a strategic first step in evangelism! Let me give a recent example of how it worked with a fellow named Dennis Yerington.

Dennis (now known as Denny) was repairing soffits and siding on our church’s building. I had never met him before. As I was preparing to leave the premises, I spotted Dennis leveling a ladder against the building.

I walked to him, caught his attention and introduced myself. After a moment of conversation, I asked, “Have you ever invited Jesus Christ into your life?”

Dennis looked at me mildly startled and answered, “Yes, and I need healing.”

Now it was my turn to be startled. Most people answer either “Yes” or “No” to my initial question, but no stranger had yet requested healing so soon in a conversation.

Often, I pray for a man with a need on the spot, but this time I didn’t. I just invited him to come to church. He surprised me again by saying, “Yes, I will come.”

Since I’ve heard that before–with people who turn out to be no-shows–I was not confident I’d ever see him again.

But on Sunday, Dennis showed up. And he wanted prayer for healing! We prayed. In fact, a whole handful of the church surrounded him and prayed.

God worked. When I talked with Dennis several days later, he had been free of neck and head pain ever since the prayer.

All this happened several weeks ago when I first met Dennis. In the meantime, he has not only been coming to worship meetings, but also has been helping around the church premises. He has carried away some tires left over from a church workday, pressure-washed the siding and soffits, and done some electrical repair. Plus, he has invited relatives and friends to church.

Dennis and I have prayed together about other things. I have been to his home in the country, and he has been to our home.

What is Chicken Evangelism? It’s simply being a friend to someone the first time you meet It’s “bringing up Christ before you chicken out.” It’s a wonderful conversation opener.

How did all this happen with Dennis?

It’s a result of Chicken Evangelism: a strategic first step in evangelism. I’m so glad I asked Dennis, “Have you received Jesus Christ into your life?


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