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Natural Healing vs Instant Miracle Healing

Publisher’s note: My wonderful wife Kari is a faithful witness to my natural healing vs instant miracle healing. She saw every bit of my suffering and trial through cancer. She held my hand when I … Read More →

Does Chicken Evangelism Work?

Publisher's note: Does chicken evangelism work? Read the following letter from Benjamin in the Czech Republic and decide for yourself. The letter is reprinted just the way Benjamin wrote it with only … Read More →

I led someone to Christ! Submitted by Linda

I led someone to Christ! (New story submission from website)   Publisher's note for "I led someone to Christ." Thanks to you, Linda, for telling your story. This is a great example of … Read More →

Dear John McCain

Dear John McCain, I heard you have brain cancer and that you are taking chemotherapy treatments. God bless you and may you soon recover. You became a hero to me during your days of captivity in … Read More →

What is the Cardinal Sin?

The Cardinal Sin is . . . ? What is the cardinal sin in your opinion? Murder? Homosexuality? Adultery? Greed? Or could it be pride? Or arrogance? Blasphemy? Could the worst sin be … Read More →

Vitamin Mastery Meets Church Health Crisis

Alarm Bells Are Ringing! The nation's health crisis needs attention. The Church of the Lord Jesus Christ must take leadership because the church is the pillar and support of the truth (1 Timothy … Read More →

How Apostles Differ from Evangelists

How Apostles Differ from Evangelists How Does an Apostle differ from an evangelist? What Is the difference between a disciple and an apostle? These are questions thoughtful Christians are … Read More →

Why Do Churches Need Apostles Today?

Why Do Churches Need Apostles Today? Howard Jackson responds to the question in a 30 second video interview. I just visited with Howard at the 2015 … Read More →

3 Ways to Get Healed

Three ways to get healed. I am healed of stage 4 inoperable cancer. Praise God! I nearly died twice. I’ts good to be alive and well! When I say there are 3 roads to healing, I know by experience … Read More →