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Chicken Evangelism-21

Chicken evangelism -- share Christ before you "chicken out!" David works at a local hardware outlet. He has waited on me before and has always shown himself polite and helpful. Currently, I needed … Read More →

Benjamin Follows God

Benjamin is  a young man from the Czech Republic who recently visited in the United States. He gave his life to Jesus Christ the first or second time our son Matthew met him. (That's … Read More →

Health Update for B. Mark Anderson

Praise God with me. Dr. James Feeley, my oncologist from Mercy Medical Clinic at the Cancer Care Center in Iowa City confirmed my good health again today. Dr. Feeley, who wrote the forward in my book, … Read More →

I led my niece to the Lord.

  Roy Meyers shared this story.   I led my niece to the Lord. She asked me how to be saved. I explained to her the ABC’s of salvation. A all have sinned. B believe on the Lord Jesus … Read More →

Fields Are White for Harvest

                                        … Read More →

Demonized Man Speaks “Jesus!”

Demonized Man Speaks “Jesus!” A demonized man came and sat down at the table beyond us. He was young, cropped with black hair, and dark in complexion. In fact, darkness seemed the aura around him. … Read More →

Sharing the Gospel the Old Fashion Way: One Person at a Time

Publisher's note: Dr. Jerry Root posted his story "Sharing the Gospel the Old Fashion Way: One Person at a Time" in an email requesting donations. Dr. Root directs the Evangelism Initiative at the … Read More →

Bill Henderson-My Cancer Coach Died July 4, 2016

  In Memory of Bill Henderson, Cancer Coach & Bestselling Author By Ty Bollinger, in honor of Bill Henderson Ty Bollinger is a happily married husband, the father of four wonderful … Read More →

Building on the Foundation of Apostle and Prophet

Publisher's note: This document regarding the importance building on the foundation of the apostles and prophet has been collated by Thomas Harry who serves as Senior Leader and supervises Church … Read More →