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I led my niece to the Lord.

  Roy Meyers shared this story.   I led my niece to the Lord. She asked me how to be saved. I explained to her the ABC’s of salvation. A all have sinned. B believe on the Lord Jesus … Read More →

Fields Are White for Harvest

                                        … Read More →

Demonized Man Speaks “Jesus!”

Demonized Man Speaks “Jesus!” A demonized man came and sat down at the table beyond us. He was young, cropped with black hair, and dark in complexion. In fact, darkness seemed the aura around him. … Read More →

Sharing the Gospel the Old Fashion Way: One Person at a Time

Publisher's note: Dr. Jerry Root posted his story "Sharing the Gospel the Old Fashion Way: One Person at a Time" in an email requesting donations. Dr. Root directs the Evangelism Initiative at the … Read More →

Bill Henderson-My Cancer Coach Died July 4, 2016

  In Memory of Bill Henderson, Cancer Coach & Bestselling Author By Ty Bollinger, in honor of Bill Henderson Ty Bollinger is a happily married husband, the father of four wonderful … Read More →

Building on the Foundation of Apostle and Prophet

Publisher's note: This document regarding the importance building on the foundation of the apostles and prophet has been collated by Thomas Harry who serves as Senior Leader and supervises Church … Read More →

4 Trademarks of a New Testament Apostolic Church

4 Trademarks of a New Testament Apostolic Church Publisher's note: Ken Malone is being used by God to mobilize the body of Christ throughout Florida and the nation. After being a pastor for 24 … Read More →

Forge One Day BiVo Training (June 25)

Hugh Halter hosts this workshop for church planters and pastors who are bi-vocational or considering it. Source: Forge One Day BiVo Training (June 25)     At the … Read More →

Curiosity Evangelism

Publisher's note: Curiosity Evangelism -- great article. I didn't write it and I don't know who did. Nevertheless, it can help a lot of us "chicken evangelists" get started. Recently I came home to … Read More →