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How Does One Become an Apostle?

How Does One Become an Apostle? Jim McCracken answers the question in this 1 minute 19 second video. Jim leads the Truebridge Family of churches based in Minnesota. His proven ministry is worth a … Read More →

What is the Church to do when “Gay Pride” comes to town?

What is the Church to do when “Gay Pride” comes to town? by Bob Vander Plaats The following op-ed appeared in multiple Northwest Iowa newspapers just prior to the first-ever “Gay Pride” event in … Read More →

Can Meditation Cure Cancer?

Can Meditation Cure Cancer? For me, it sure did help! No doubt about it. I did a lot of other things too, but meditation on God and His Word, brought the healing Presence of Jesus Christ into my … Read More →

Chicken Evangelism-21

Chicken evangelism -- share Christ before you "chicken out!" David works at a local hardware outlet. He has waited on me before and has always shown himself polite and helpful. Currently, I needed … Read More →

Benjamin Follows God

Benjamin is  a young man from the Czech Republic who recently visited in the United States. He gave his life to Jesus Christ the first or second time our son Matthew met him. (That's … Read More →

Health Update for B. Mark Anderson

Praise God with me. Dr. James Feeley, my oncologist from Mercy Medical Clinic at the Cancer Care Center in Iowa City confirmed my good health again today. Dr. Feeley, who wrote the forward in my book, … Read More →

I led my niece to the Lord.

  Roy Meyers shared this story.   I led my niece to the Lord. She asked me how to be saved. I explained to her the ABC’s of salvation. A all have sinned. B believe on the Lord Jesus … Read More →

Fields Are White for Harvest

                                        … Read More →

Demonized Man Speaks “Jesus!”

Demonized Man Speaks “Jesus!” A demonized man came and sat down at the table beyond us. He was young, cropped with black hair, and dark in complexion. In fact, darkness seemed the aura around him. … Read More →