Chicken Evangelism Breakthrough

Tom Lee recently experienced a chicken evangelism breakthrough. He led a man to salvation through Christ Jesus!

Who’s tom Lee? He serves as an elder in The Church of the Living Water in Muscatine. He also teaches music in the Durant Public School system. Perhaps there’s never been a more faithful servant of God than Tom. An exaggeration? Perhaps, but not by much.  Tom is an example of one who loves God and loves people. He spends time with the Lord, prays regularly, and sacrificially serves old and young.

In spite of all of Tom’s virtues, one quality has eluded him in his life and ministry — soul-winning. He has had a strong hand in discipling, training and helping many find their destiny in Christ. Yet, like many mature believers, this matter of reaping souls for the Kingdom of God has eluded him. I have heard Tom pray aloud many times that God would open his mouth, that he would speak boldly, and that he would make the gospel clear, as he ought (Ephesians 6:19 and 20).

Despite Tom’s hopes and prayers, the requests for souls continued to go unanswered. Tom stated, “I saw no fruit at all” from those prayers. Perhaps the same experience may be true for many believers.

But now things have changed! Tom found a chicken evangelism breakthrough! Watch the video to hear his story. It begins as Tom tells his concern for a man named Ryan.





God is faithful to answer prayer!



God Healed My Headaches

“God healed my headaches,” reposts George with a smile on his lips and a twinkle in his eye.

George Blaskowski was troubled by migraine or severe headaches for one to two years. There was no obvious cause, but the pain was debilitating. Pain-killers helped manage the pain, yet nothing could take the headaches away. Nor could anything George or his parents could do was able to prevent the pain from returning day after day.

Yet, God intervened. Here is George’s brief report.

At the Church of the Living Water in Muscatine, Iowa we are experiencing more and more physical and emotional as well as soul healing. It seems obvious God is working with us. If you or someone you know suffers from sickness or pain, consider the ministry of the great Healer, Jesus Christ. The prayer ministry team of the church is available as a means for God to heal you.

For my own story of how God healed me of Stage 4 inoperable cancer, come to

Answer to Cancer: 9 Keys



What is the answer to cancer? God has marvelously healed me of stage 4 inoperable cancer! How I praise Him.

Please understand, I don’t  know everything about cancer. But I do have a story to tell. In fact, my new book will soon be released on Kindle with the title Answer to Cancer: 9 Keys.

The book consists of three parts. Section One tells my story — the good, the bad, and the ugly. Section Two details nine natural and spiritual keys that proved instrumental in my healing and remaining cancer-free. These nine will aid in the prevention of most cancers for most people and will go a long way to keep cancer from returning  on anyone who has suffered through chemo treatments. Section Three majors on the one aspect of healing that most, but not all, authorities neglect or downplay: meditation. Meditation on God and His word opened up the healing power of God for me in my battle with this killer disease.

Answer to Cancer will be available as a Kindle book in the next few weeks. Later it will be published as a hard copy. I also hope to turn it into an audio book because so many folks are being helped by it.

Here’s one review of the book.

Mark—we enjoyed your book so much and can’t wait until it is published so we can give to friends!

In the age of quick​ fixes and too-easily concluded answers that often end up in failure​,​ Mark takes the reader with him ​o​n his journey of the unexpected​, ​shocking​, sometimes​ fearful news of having the life​-​taking killer disease​ called​ cancer. Mark​’s​ experience open​ed​ my eyes and gripped my heart as ​I read ​ of the torments ​he suffered in both mind and body. ​Mark carefully pursued the Biblical and medical ​pathway to a joyful and successful victory.

The Lord ​has indeed ​inspired ​Pastor Mark to write this book to glorify God and to walk others ​to health and healing through the cross of Jesus Christ ​and a healthy lifestyle​. Well done​, faithful servant. ​

Bobby Martz, Hour of Harvest Ministries

If you are willing to read the manuscript and write an endorsement (provided you think it’s worthy of such), contact me via the form on this site or email me. If possible, I may be able send you a digital copy of Answer to Cancer: 9 Keys.

I want to see people healed. If you or someone you know is suffering from this dreadful disease, I would consider sending a digital copy to you.

May God bless you all.

Can a Church Flourish without an Apostle?

Jim McCracken, Founder of TrueBridge, a family of churches in Minnesota and beyond, answers a pertinent question regarding churches and apostles.

Here’s the question: Can a church flourish without an apostle? Jim  relates with a number of churches. He’s a man with the background and experience to answer the question. He’s observed scores fellowships over the decades. Let’s listen to the 50 second video.

Want to dig deeper? Check out a definitive book — Local Churches Global Apostles: How Churches Related to Apostles in the New Testament Era and Why It Matters Now

Benjamin’s Story

Flag of Benjamin

Flag of the Czech Republic


Benjamin is a young man from the Czech Republic. He’s strong, vibrant, a real go-getter. My wife met him in his home country and invited him to come to the States to visit us. He came sporting a mohawk haircut and wearing a black leather jacket complete with silver spikes.

We enjoyed each other and Benjamin helped around the house and on the farm.

After about one week Benjamin and our son Matthew met. They are about the same age so they hit it off well. Benjamin and some people from church conversed. It seems a couple of the church people asked Benjamin, “Have you received Jesus Christ into your life?” I don’t know what he answered, but he came home and asked, “What does it mean to receive Jesus Christ?”

I did my best to explain, but limited my answer to let him muse over the question.

On their second visit together our son Matthew must have given a clear explanation of the gospel.  Here’s how I know.

I will never forget the moment. I was standing by the gate in front of our barn. Benjamin walked directly to me and said, “I just want you to know I received Jesus Christ into my life.”

I was so happy for him — saved for all eternity! (I was also happy for our son Matthew.)

Benjamin stayed in our home for about 8 weeks before returning to the Czech Republic. What follows is Benjamin’s first email letter after spending time at his home. Note: Benjamin feels strong in Christ and likes to be called “Samson!”

Does Chicken Evangelism work? Read the letter and judge for yourself.

Hello Mark,

Today I would like to send greetings to You, Kari and rest of your family.

God is good and whoever believes is becoming good too.

Life is getting nice here at house of my family, Me and my Mother, we have spoke about Christ few times. Siblings are getting more tolerant, helpful and lovely at all. Yesterday Rachel [sister] told Me about my faith that it’s really beautiful. – Amen.

My belief is strong and getting stronger new projects are coming even without hunting them, God is opening doors everywhere.

There is still only one lord over my life. 🙂 Jesus is showing right way even when it’s getting harder so I am quite sure that eternal life is working out. 🙂

Love in Christ, Samson.

Should Apostles Today Use the Title?

Fred Herzog has a clear and concise answer to this question many are asking today. Should apostles use the title? Some say “Yes,” some say “No.” Here’s Fred’s take on the topic.


I have known Fred and his wife Char for about 50 years. They are a great team filled with years of wisdom and love.

Fred has been involved in developing congregations, leadership, and ministry opportunities including a successful ministry of helping individuals gain personal freedom through understanding the ways of God. Fred, along with his team, has started and trained up leadership for over 20 different ministries.

Consistent qualities of Fred’s ministries have included contemporary worship, spiritual counseling, informal services, and team-focused leadership. His aim continues in presenting cutting-edge worship, profound teaching, and discipleship for the advancement of the Kingdom of God in our present generation.

Fred and his wife Char live in Northfield and have 3 adult children.

Denver Broncos Kicker Jason Elam (Retired) Endorses One For Israel

Interested in Israel?

Have you ever thought, “How can I genuinely bless Israel?” Consider this short video from Jason Elam.

Are Apostles Alive Today?

What do you say to people that believe that all apostles and prophets died with Peter and Paul? Are Apostles alive today? We asked Steve Fatow this question. Hear  his one minute response.

Are apostles alive today? If you’re watching the video, you’re looking at one!

Steve Fatow was born in New York and raised in a Jewish home in Miami, Florida. In 1970, he heard the Gospel and gave his life completely to Jesus Christ. Transformed by God’s power, Steve immediately felt a call to the ministry. Soon he began to manifest a powerful preaching gift coupled with signs powerfully confirming the word he preached.

In his early years, God gave Steve a clear word that he was called to take the Gospel to the nations. Soon, doors began opening up for him in Central and South America. He began traveling to those countries and holding crusades in every country in Latin America. God began to powerfully bless these crusades with thousands saved and healed to the glory of God.

After pastoring churches in Miami and Florence, Alabama, Steve moved to Knoxville, Tennessee to become pastor of Trinity Chapel. His crusade ministry has steadily grown, not only in Central and South America, but all over the world. Each month these crusades see thousands brought to Christ as well as many miraculous healings. Steve has a powerful prophetic word for his generation which he brings not only to his crusade ministry, but to many local churches in the U.S. and Europe as well. His passion for purity, coupled with his ability to stir people to preach the Gospel, have equipped him mightily as a voice to his generation.

Steve is married to his wife Sandi, an ex drug addict who is also mightily used throughout the United States to minister in prisons as well as churches. They have two daughters and reside in Knoxville, Tennessee where Steve continues to serve as senior pastor of Trinity Chapel.

Find Steve at


How Chicken Evangelism Works

How Chicken Evangelism Works

How Chicken Evangelism Works

How chicken evangelism works may be different every time. What it means is share Christ before you chicken out. Here’s one experience.

I dropped my mouse. (Not a pet mouse, you know, but the computer kind.) Anyway, my mouse broke and I needed a new one.

Radio Shack summoned. While there I bought a replacement, paid for it, and walked toward the door. The clerk who helped me choose the new Logitech mouse was sitting at his desk near the door.

“Have a nice day,” he volunteered as I neared the exit.

“Thanks, you too. And thanks for helping me with the mouse.”

“No problem.”

Then it gently hit me. I don’t exactly know what hit me, but without thinking, I asked his name.

“Lucas*.” He returned.

“Oh, that’s a Bible name. Have you received Jesus Christ into your life?”

“No. I have not.” He spoke with a definite tone giving me the impression he had considered the matter and decided against it. Nevertheless, he continued matter-of-factly, “I was raised a Lutheran, went to a Lutheran school. I had too many questions they couldn’t answer.”

“I too was raised a Lutheran,” I said quietly. “ I learned a few things.” At the mention of a “few things,” he gave a faint smile. I didn’t feel it necessary to tell him I am a graduate of Luther Theological Seminary in St. Paul and own a Master’s Degree from that institution.

“I’ll be leaving in less than a minute, but I have something meaningful to pass on before I go.” Lucas looked interested.

“Jesus Christ died for our sins — I probably have more of those than you. He died for our sins, and He rose again from the dead. He is offering a free gift. We can receive Him and His free gift of salvation like a child receives a gift from his father. “

“Would you be willing to receive the gift in child-like faith?’ I was moved as I asked. I sensed an anointing. God was letting me see how chicken evangelism works.

I was a little surprised when he responded, “Yes, I would.” Only 30 seconds earlier his defenses were up. Now, after hearing the gospel, his defenses were non-existent. The gospel has it’s own power!

“Ask Jesus Christ into your life like a little child. When He comes inside, He works from the inside out.”

“I will,” he repeated and gave another faint smile.

“I hope to see you again, Lucas*. If I do, I’ll ask what happened and how’s it going. Bye for now.”

Just think. If Lucas* does just what he said he’d do, his name will be indelibly engraved in heaven, and his sin will be forgiven. Jesus will come inside and guide him. Eternity and earth will both be different.

Some people think it can’t happen like this. But I know it can and does. Read some stories. Furthermore, I didn’t change right away after I received Christ. I was still a case to make heaven and earth fall to their knees and weep. (Oh, my poor mother and brother and sister!)

The gospel is the power of God for salvation to everyone who has faith. If there is anything I’ve learned, it’s this. Make the gospel clear.

If you have a story of how chicken evangelism works, post it in the comment box. If I can lead someone to Christ, so can you. Just ask, “Have you received Jesus Christ into your life?” And for God’s sake, give ‘em the gospel!

Chicken Evangelism at Its Finest

Personal Evangelism

Chicken Evangelism–Bring Up Christ before You Chicken Out

Today we made a man cry. Not in sorrow, not in joy, but because God moved on his heart.

My wife and I were Christmas shopping at the mall in Iowa City. (Yes, I know it’s January, but Kari is a great bargain hunter. We were buying presents – pajamas for the whole family — for next Christmas while they’re on sale now. While checking out at the counter, we fell into conversation with the young man who seemed to be the store manager.

“What’s your name?”

“My name is Jason*, but I have a nickname too.”

“OK, what’s your nickname?”

“They’ve called me ‘Ironman’ for the past 6 years. I dress up as Ironman and do fundraisers. My favorite fundraiser is ‘Save the Children.’”

“Like pro-life?” my wife asked.

“Yup, that’s my favorite.”

“You sound like you’re a believer. Have you received Jesus Christ into your life?” I asked.

“Yes, I did. But I’ll be honest with you. I’ve given up on Him.”

“Oh, how’s that? Tell us more.”

“Too many bad things happened. The last time I prayed, my grandmother died. I didn’t want to pray anymore, cuz I didn’t want any more people to die.”

“I really appreciate your honesty. I can tell you’ve really been tested.”


We talked on a bit more as he was folding our pajamas. After listening, I wanted to give him hope and encouragement.

“Are you reading your Bible?”

“No, I don’t read it at all right now. I just can’t. I want to get back. I’m trying. I’m doing everything in my power to get back, but I just can’t do it right now.”

After listening for awhile, I wanted to encourage him.

“Here’s what helps me. Reading the Bible, going to church, and getting filled with the Holy Spirit including talking in tongues.”

Kari interjected, “We know a really good pastor here in town. He’s Brad Sherman and the church is called Solid Rock Church.”

“After we go, my wife and I will pray for you,” I said as we picked up our purchases and nodded toward the door.
At this the man started wiping his face. His tears flowed freely and His voice was cracking.

“You are the second people who have made me cry today,” he said. He stopped everything and was unashamedly pouring out his soul to us, total strangers moments before, but now heart-felt confidants.

“Thank you so much for talking with me,” he said as he stuck out his hand for us to grasp.

We left. Shortly outside the store, we stopped in the mall corridor and prayed for this tender-hearted man. With such a gentle spirit, we suspect he’s called into ministry.

I’m so glad for Chicken Evangelism. Chicken Evangelism simply means to share Christ before you chicken out. We continually marvel at how open people are. People want to talk about their faith.

Chicken Evangelism — It’s the call to adventure!

Have you got a personal evangelism story? Share it in the contact box. Thanks.