Dangerous Myth #2: Cancer is a Lump or a Bump

Dangerous Myth #2: Cancer is a Lump or a Bump

This dangerous yet far-too-common myth is a huge fallacy leading to the premature death of cancer patients. It contributes to misspent millions of dollars. Thousands of loved ones suffer and subsequently die because of this generally accepted myth.

In my own case, I accepted six rounds of chemotherapy. The chemo treatment was effective to reduce the lumps in my lungs. The oncologist and the head nurse actually used sthe word “cure” to describe my condition. They were encouraging and I was relieved. I sent out a newsletter on this site announing to my friends and the entire world that I was now cancer-free!

I was ecstatic. I felt much better and made plans sto return to normal life.

But . . .

Don’t Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch

I was doing my best to return to normal life. After thirty days I went back to the clinic for my checkup. I will never forget the shock.

In just thirty days following chemo treatments, the doctor discovered a tumor the size of a tennis ball in my left lung! Cancer had returned with a vengeance!

My world was shaken. I didn’t know what to do. One oncologist wanted to cut my rib cage and remove a lobe of my lung. My regular oncologist gave me a ten percent chance of survival.

For my part, I determined that, if I were to survive, I would have to find something better than conventional medicine.

What Was the Problem?

The problem was the doctors, using chemotherapy, had removed the original tumors and had successfully shrunk the lumps, but they did not stop the cancer. Cancer is not a tumor. The tumor is merely the symptom of the cancer.

But don’t take my word for it. Listen to doctors who are actually curing cancer.

The trouble with chemotherapy, and conventional treatments, is they have no effect on cancer stem cells. They only kill the daughter cells–the cells that are produced by them. So the tumor will shrink, and they’ll claim success, but you haven’t killed the stem cell. So it all just comes right back. And what they found is when it comes back, it comes back infinitely more aggressive than it did before.

Dr. Russell Blaylock, M.D., neurosurgeon

. . .when you do surgery or chemo or radiation . . . your’re not getting rid of the cancer.

Dr. Bita Badakhshan, M.D. Center for New Medicine

What is Cancer?

Cancer is not a lump or bump. The tumor is merely a symptom of the cancer, not the cancer itself. In fact, the tumor may even be beneficial because it’s an outward sign that the disease, the actual cancer is active in the body.

Unfortunately, many in the medical profession have adopted this dangerous myth, “cancer is a tumor.” The myth becomes dangerous when it is perpetrated on the unsuspecting patient and populace.

While other explanations for cancer exist, my favorite is “Cancer is an accumulation of toxins that overwhelm the immune system to such an extent that the immune system can no longer overcome the toxins.

Further Thoughts about Dangerous Myth #2: Cancer is not a Lump or Bump

Let’s not blame the medical profession. Doctors are doing their best. Physicians are generally sincere caregivers who are only practicing what they were taught in medical school. Give them a break: Nobody knows everything.

Also, be aware. Cancer is a lifestyle disease. As such, it generally takes a lifestyle change to get rid of cancer. It’s easier to pop a pill or even get a minor surgery than to deal with the cause of the cancer. Let’s try to go to the root cause of the disease for a lasting remedy.

To Be Continued Next Week–Dangerous Myth #3: Modern Medicine Effectively Treats Cancer

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