Need Healing? You Need a Fresh Revelation of God

Need Healing? You Need a Fresh Revelation of God
Need Healing? You Need a Fresh Revelation of God

If you need healing, You need a fresh revelation of God.

No matter who you are or what your level of faith, you need a new revelation from God in order to get your next healing. Your current understanding of God is God-given and powerful. It has carried you this far. Now the super-abundant God of the Bible wants to give you more.

If you need healing, you are on the precipice of a fresh revelation of the Almighty.

Your current concept of the Savior may be wonderful, even praise-worthy, but is not sufficient to secure your needed healing. If it were, you would already be healed.

God has healed me from stage 4, inoperable cancer. A fresh revelation of the cross of Jesus Christ based on Galatians 3:13 provided my healing.

But the cancer left me with neuropathy symptoms in my feet. I am currently seeking God for a fresh revelation of Himself, a revelation sufficient to clear me of the damage to my feet.

No matter who you are–and maybe you are a giant in faith–to receive your healing, God wants to give you a fresh concept of Him. God wants to heal you and He’s even more interested in giving you a fuller concept of Himself. He delights in both healing you and gifting you with a fresh comprehension of Himself. The fresh concept comes first. Don’t miss it! Don’t try to skip it.

I repeat. Need healing? you need a fresh revelation of God. No matter what He has healed you from in the past, to get your next healing, seek Him for a fresh download of His nature. He has chosen to do it this way so we continually seek Him and not level off.

Healing is about Him, who He is, not so much about us. Ongoing healings are part and parcel of God’s ongoing redemption and revelation of Himself. No new revelation, no new healing. It’s that simple. Healing is the revelation of His nature. His name (His nature) is the revelation needed for His healing (Acts 3:16).

With every fresh revelation from God there comes a fresh grace. We are healed by grace through faith.

A new revelation need not be complicated. It could come in a natural way. C. Walden Hedmen, my professor at the Lutheran Bible Institute in Seattle, was driving his car when he stopped at a red light at an intersection. The Holy Spirit came suddenly upon him and he began speaking in tongues. What a profound revelation! That experience affected him and his students, including me(!) for a lifetime.

Or perhaps a child prays for you and you sense the stirring of the Spirit. The idea (the revelation) comes that God uses children for supernatural healing. It may come as you read the same old verses in your Bible that you’ve read a hundred times earlier. It may come as you put two truths together.

Perhaps the impartation will come from observing nature. Or perhaps it will come via a dream. Faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ Romans 10:17.

Need Healing? You Need a Fresh Revelation of God
Need Healing? You Need a Fresh Revelation of God

However God gives it, the new revelation is pregnant with fresh grace and vigor sufficient to birth your healing.

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