Evangelism –I See a Breakthrough

I experienced a breakthrough in the Spirit regarding evangelism on February 13, 2010, the 27th day of a fast. A demonic power that has been keeping people from the Kingdom of God and His church is removed. He has been a strong, effective power to prevent people from entering the kingdom and the church. Now his slot is empty. He is no longer at the door.

In the place where the demonic power stood, I saw an angel of God urgently ushering people in. People were coming into the Kingdom in one’s, two’s and three’s—a steady flow. The Angel of the Lord is continually urging them in.

Now is the time to invite friends, neighbors, co-workers, relatives—anyone, everyone—to come to Christ the Savior. The door is open for effective outreach.

Confirmation of spiritual revelation is always helpful. I spoke to the Aglow Prayer coordinator for the State of Iowa, Deb Iliff. I asked, “I am seeing a demonic power has been removed. He was formerly keeping people from the Kingdom and the church. Now his slot is empty and an angel of the Lord is urging people in. Do you have any thoughts about this?” She answered, “Just last night I was at a prayer meeting and a nearly identical message was given. Further, some national prayer leaders are saying, ‘This is the year for evangelism!’ There are people you thought would never change, but the light will go on in their heads and they too will come to Christ.”

I have written a poem to capture the time and energize our evangelistic focus.

I see an angel-usher standing at the door;
That demon power-blocker is no more;
Every person you invite, God will speak to him—
So pray, my people; Pray! and invite them in.

Evangelism —The Door is Now Open

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