Evangelism –Who Fights, Who Wins the War?


Some want to live within the sound of church or chapel bell;
I want to run a rescue shop within a yard of hell.
–C. T. Studd

The battle rages, but in the context of conflict, the greatest warrior of the New Testament era remarks that it’s not the God of war, but “the God of peace who will soon crush satan beneath your feet.” Romans 16;20

When it comes to evangelism, the battle for souls has been won.  Christ on the cross paid sin’s penalty in full and opened the door to heaven. He defeated the devil and nullified his claims against us. The battle has been won.  Now remember, the God of peace will crush satan under your feet.

I have written some poetry to memorialize this truth.

Jael drove the tent-peg thru ‘ol Sisera’s head;
Samson pushed the pillars—he killed the Baal-worshipers dead;
Jonathon fought the Philistines ‘til they all just fled—
But the God of Peace will soon crush satan ‘neath your feet.

Moses killed the ‘Gyptian, hid him in the sands;
David slew the lion, used his own bare hands.
Ehud freed the people from the evil king’s demands—
But the God of Peace will soon crush satan ‘neath your feet.

God cast the demon-power to the ground–
That Ancient coward who  refused the church to abound;
The day has come—let your invite now resound!
The God of Peace will soon crush satan ‘neath your feet.

Christ crucified with the victorious army at His side
Leads captivity captive—We will not be denied!
Those old demons, guilty as tried–
The God of Peace will soon crush satan ‘neath our feet!


  1. Wonderfully written poem.

  2. Thanks, Sarah. I’m still learning the ropes on WordPress. Hope to write more often here. God bless you–you are an inspiring girl.

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