Vitamin Mastery Meets Church Health Crisis

Alarm Bells Are Ringing! The nation’s health crisis needs attention. The Church of the Lord Jesus Christ must take leadership because the church is the pillar and support of the truth (1 Timothy 3:15).

Are you on any prescription medications? For some, prescriptions may be necessary, For many, however, some due diligence and research into vitamins and minerals could bring relief from medications. Vitamin Mastery is designed to help bring the needed info and liberty to optimize health without drugs.

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Here is the fact: VITAMIN MASTERY is a collection of 65 teaching videos and interviews on Vitamins and Supplements. Find out what you and your family need to know RIGHT NOW.

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Vitamins and supplements became crucial for me as I fought to overcome cancer. I pass this info on with the hope it will free God’s ministers into more energy and better health. Vitamins can free from lethargy and help us live longer. I get no money from this series. I only hope it can help. After all, Dead Pastors Don’t Win Souls.


  1. Hare krsna Madhudvisa prabhu,Today mostly food prepared all over the world especially in India are not natural-They use more chemicals to preserve,enhance the Freshness of Crops and they raise the Crops which breeds from the ground polluted by Artificial fertilizers like Urea,Pesticides etc.. This bad addiction to artificial chemical sprays almost nulled Vit B12 , many natural Minerals and vitamins .Many Vitamins,Minerals are precipitated by constant spraying of Fertilizers and Insecticides. Ancient Indian culture was very nice.They used only cowdung instead of Urea and got a very better quality crops.My Grand parents told that ,if we eat even only one handful of Rice ,Body feels energetic.But now even if we eat more Food for 3 times a day,still there is a feeling of fatigueness.Cow”s milk -(Best food for Brain) contains naturally all Vitamins,aminoacids and minerals, is also now scarce in india Now how can we cope with Vit B12,Lysine and methionine which are not found in Present vegan foods.Their deficiency making vegans weak,dull . How can we avoid this Vitamin and aminoacid Deficiencies by adhering to Prasadam diet?Can u further clarify me on this matter?

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