Texas State Student Opens to Christ

A surprise knock on our door at 8:30 one morning brought me face to face with a handsome young man named Troy.  He was pitching children’s books to pay for his education at Texas State.  After making it clear we had no children in his target age group, we chatted briefly about Texas football—the Aggies and the Longhorns.  Shortly, the inevitable question came easily:  “Have you received Jesus Christ into your life?”  He demurred, but I could tell he was interested.

Since he asked for a plat map of our neighborhood, I disappeared into the house to fetch the map.  When I returned I asked again, “Have you given your life to Jesus Christ?”  This time he answered clearly, “No, but I want to.  I was raised Catholic.  My grandma has been diagnosed with cancer with only 6 months to live.  I pray for her every day.”

I commended Troy for his desire and his prayers, but did not want to get sidetracked.  I continued with the gospel message about Jesus Christ dying for our sins and rising again for us.  “Salvation is a free gift that we can receive in simple child-like trust.  Is there any reason why you wouldn’t want to receive Jesus Christ into your life right now?” I asked.  He affirmed his desire to receive Christ and “get back with Him”.   I explained how he could receive Christ either right now or at home when he was alone.  He affirmed that now he knew how to receive Christ as Savior and chose to pray alone that night.

I blessed him and he went on his way.

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