Take Care What You Listen to

Take care what you listen to
Take care what you listen to

Jesus had a habit of dropping gems. Be not afraid! Take courage. Lo I Am with you. Gems that we love to hear . . . but easily dismiss.

Here’s a gem for today. Take care what you listen to Mark 4:24.

This week I felt pressure to mow a thistle patch before the thistles went to seed. I knew deep down that the thistles were too tall for our mower. But did I listen to my “early warning system,” aka the Holy Spirit?

No, I was listening to the pressure from the thistles as they began to bud. I could hear the thistles as they began to flower. And I knew I’d be in trouble, big trouble, if those thistles went to seed and spread their seeds all over our property.

So What did I do? I tried to mow in spite of that inner knowing. Consequently, I ended up breaking a belt on the mower. I repented for 2 days of lost time and $55 dollars of lost time and money.

Will I ever learn to take care what I listen to?

The stakes get higher as we mature and get into greater service. That is to say, To whom much is given much is required.

By your standard of measure, it will be measured to you. Mark 4:24

We who have a big dipper–will receive a big earful from God. Those with a little dipper, will receive small doses from heaven.

Next comes a huge warning. For whoever has, to him shall more be given Mark 4:25. And he will have extra. And he who has little ears, will only receive a pint-sized download from heaven.

But watch out! No one is ever static. We are either growing or diminishing in our capacity.

Let’s apply this to faith. We are either exercising faith and getting stronger faith, or our “faith muscles” are getting flabby. And some will even lose what they now have.

Apply to joy. We are either growing in joy or going downhill in the joy department.

Apply this to finances, home relationships, willingness to serve, or hunger for God.

Or apply this to power before God. This week I spent time getting filled with the Holy Spirit by means of talking in tongues. The same day a lady called on the phone who had a terrible headache. By faith, I dealt with the headaches and the devil. (That was the need in her particular case.) She received partial deliverance. Enough deliverance to start coming to church services.

What are you listening to? How large a measuring cup are you using?

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