Supernatural Communion Activity

Supernatural Communion Activity

What is God Doing in Your Communion Services? Are you seeing supernatural communion activity?

Supernatural events are occurring in our communion services. Most are small: minor healings, words of comfort and revelation.

That was past. Now we are seeing an uptick in supernatural communion activity.

Paul sent out physical objects from his body that carried the Spirit of God. Those who received the aprons and handkerchiefs received healing and deliverance from demons (Acts 19:11-12).

In a similar way, God is sending out bread and juice (or wine) at the Lord’s Supper. The bread and fruit of the vine are carrying the Spirit of Christ. Those who receive are getting supernatural experiences in our communion services.

I asked people to write what happened to them following our last communion. Here are some unedited responses.

Healings: Headache came and left. No more headache.

Renewal of Health of body, health of mind, health of soul. Sins forgiven.

God comforted me.

“I give you more power in the name of the Lord.”

I felt the Holy Spirit. I felt closer to Him.

A still, small assurance of God’s leading, blessing—doors will open.

I believe there was additional healing to my left leg and foot.

[The Lord spoke] “It’s the beginning” of untangling of nerves, etc. in my feet.

He smiled on me and said He’s happy when I go out.

My feet was feeling better.

What is God doing in the communion services in your church? What are you experiencing in the Lord’s Supper? What is happening at the Church of the Living Water in Muscatine is wonderful. As a fellow minister from town and I read the reports together, we were moved by the presence of God. We both fell on our knees and began thanking God.

If God is stirring supernatural communion activity here, He’s most likely doing it elsewhere. What He’s doing at Living Water Muscatine is probably not isolated. He could very well be doing the same or greater at your church. What is God doing with you at communion?

I’d like to hear. Please share.

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