Question? Apostle? What Do You Mean?

Sonny Mizar Answers, What is an Apostle?

Question? Apostle? What do you mean? There’s a lot of confusion about the question “What is an apostle?” Sonny Mizar’s response is a good start to understand what an apostle does and how he fits into God’s plan for churches. Find out more about this Godly man on Facebook.

You may also want to check out his book Journey to Authenticity. This book has helped me understand and have patience with some of the young ministers I train.

Sonny could say much more about apostles. He’s worth listening to. In the meantime, let me add a few lines (and my own definition of an apostle) that will remove some misunderstandings about the use of the term “apostle” in the Bible.

Question? Apostle? Let’s Look More Closely

In a generic sense, an apostle is a “sent one” or “one sent on a mission.” The Greek word is apostolos. In a generic sense all Christians are “sent out on a mission.” In that sense we are all apostles!

In a technical sense the term refers to the person who functions in the five fold ministry or office of apostle. That’s the most common use of the term in the Bible by far. That’s the use of the term we are talking about here.

I’ve studied the Scriptures and worked with apostles for over fifty years. Here’s my definition:

“An apostle is a Christian leader called and supernaturally gifted by God to open new spiritual or geographical territory for the gospel, lay foundations, equip believers, and serve as catalyst and coordinator for churches and ministries.”

I invite you to find C Peter Wagner’s thoughts on the subject or go directly to my book Local Churches Global Apostles: How Churches Related to Apostles in the New Testament Era and Why It Matters Now.

Maybe you have a good definition of your own. If so, post it in the comment section below.

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