Please Tell Me Personal Evangelism is Not Dead

Please Tell Me “Personal Evangelism is Not Dead”

Please Tell Me Personal Evangelism is Not Dead



Please tell me, “Personal evangelism is not dead!” Better yet, please show me personal evangelism is not dead.

I need some encouragement in this matter. After starting this blog I have requested numerous readers to send their stories of how they have witnessed or won someone to Christ. One minister, Fred Herzog of Northfield, Minnesota has sent a report of how he won his barber to Christ. He’s the only one so far.

Of course, others may be sharing the Gospel regularly and I am simply not aware of their witness. This matter of personal evangelism neither starts nor ends with me. However, my son and I are publishers and reporters of personal evangelism stories. We find people are being saved through sermons and meetings, but how about personal evangelism? Jesus said, “I have called you to reap.” (John 4:38) That the Gospel is proclaimed from the pulpits of the land is wonderful, yet I repeat my plea: Would you please show me personal evangelism is not dead.

Yes, to live the Gospel and be an example is necessary, but who is able to make the Gospel clear with no words and only an exemplary  life?

As I put my ear to the ground, I hear discussion about the topic; I find most Christians believe in soul-winning. But can you show me it’s happening in your neighborhood, your factory, your school, or your office?

We all need encouragement in the PE (Personal Evangelism) department. On a recent plane ride I conversed with a seatmate named Todd. After some chit-chat I asked him, “Have your received Christ Jesus into your life?” Todd smiled and effervesced, “Yes, I sure have!” He went on to tell his life story, how “When I was young and foolish I dove into the wrong end of a swimming pool and broke my neck.”

His story didn’t end in despair. Todd related how his faith became certain and real as he lay paralyzed for months in a rehab ward. He began to focus his faith on his immovable arm. After about three months one finger twitched. He kept focusing his faith and today he can jog, run, swim, and leads a normal life.

This particularly encouraged me because my feet are impaired as a result of cancer and I’m believing every day for full recovery.

I witnessed to Todd and he in turn inspired me. So often this is the case.

Please join me in leading the way to restore personal witnessing in the church. Together let’s show the church and the world “personal evangelism is not dead!” We can do it! Click here to discover how to overcome fear.

Who among us has shared their faith recently? Tell the world your story in the comment box. It will encourage us all.

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