Open Letter to Rush Limbaugh

Send Answer for Cancer: 9 Keys to Rush Limbaugh

Dear Rush Limbaugh,

I saw in the Wall Street Journal that you have lung cancer and are taking medical treatments. God bless you and may you soon recover.

(Before I continue, congratulations for receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom during the State of the Union Address. What a great honor!)

Rush, I too had cancer – the worst kind, stage four inoperable cancer. I write you because I had a pastor friend named Ron who was attacked by cancer. If I had known then what I know now, I might have been able to save him. I didn’t know how to help him, so I lost him. I don’t want to remain silent with you now.

Your situation is undoubtedly different from mine and my pastor friend. I took chemo, got better, and thought I was cured. But after 30 days the cancer came roaring back. I nearly died. The doctor gave me a 10% chance to survive.

I took more chemo, but realized that if I were to survive, I’d have to find something beyond conventional medicine.

Many well-meaning people offered me advice – advice that I didn’t need and didn’t ask for. I do not want to do that with you. I simply ask, “What can I do to help?”

If you wish, I could send you a copy of my book Answer for Cancer: 9 Keys. But I won’t send it unless you ask. Alternatively, you can get it directly from Amazon.

Please take heart. I am well today because of the keys in the book. Nobody needs to die from cancer anymore. There’s hope. Cancer is not a death sentence.

One of the keys that helped me was Christian meditation. While I was meditating on a Bible passage (Galatians 3:13), God’s presence came over me in such a way that I knew I was healed. I did other natural and spiritual things too.

I like to say, “I’m not in remission, I’m on a mission — a mission to see many people freed from cancer.”

I pray for your quick recovery. May God bless you.


B Mark Anderson


Publishers note: It’s unlikely that Rush Limbaugh will see my “Open Letter to Rush Limbaugh.” He’s not on my mailing list. At least not yet! But here’s his email address: If enough people send this open letter to his staff, he may get a copy of my life-saving book.

As you probably know, stage four cancer is usually fatal. Do Rush or anyone you know with cancer a favor and send them this open letter. Or better yet, get a copy of the book and pass it on.

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