Key Questions Chicken Evangelists Use



3 Key Questions

Three Key Questions for Chicken Evangelism

Key questions open hearts’ doors. Chicken evangelists (and those wanting to be) are experimenting with these key questions. At the same time we are making friends, making disciples, and reaping souls for Christ.

At an auto repair shop I asked the owner, “Have you received Jesus Christ into your life?” The man replied, “Yes, I have.” We talked about his faith for a moment. Then it turned out he needed healing for his knees. I asked, “May I pray for your knees”? With his permission I laid my hand on his shoulder and prayed. (He experienced a reduction in pain, but not a full healing.)

The next time I saw this man he made a most interesting statement: “Now that we are friends . . . “ Chicken evangelism means “Bring up Christ before you chicken out.” Chicken evangelism opens doors to hearts. It’s a great way to make friends.

Key Questions to Get Started

Chicken evangelists use various key questions. “Have you given your life to Jesus Christ?” is a good starter. My wife starts the Christ conversation with “Do you love Jesus?” or “What could I pray for you?” Some soul winners in the Church of the Living Water ask, “Do you have Jesus in your heart?”

Chicken evangelism is not a method, not a formula, not a canned approach. It’s a way to get started in the faith conversation. (Remember, Chicken Evangelism simply means to bring Christ into the conversation before you chicken out.) As a result, sometimes people give their life to Christ, sometimes we encourage people, and sometimes we help people move along in the discipleship process. Often we make a new friend. Invariably, we find people love to talk about their faith.

Incidentally, one of the key questions I avoid is “What church do you attend?” That question gets the conversation off track.

Key Questions to People Who Have Heard Your Gospel Presentation

“Is there any reason you would not want to receive Jesus Christ into your life right now?” After hearing the gospel, some folks are ready to accept Christ on the spot. After all, Jesus stated, “I sent you to reap that for which you have not labored; others have labored and you have entered into their labor” (John 4:38).

“What’s keeping you from giving your life to Jesus Christ?” That question that may help a person identify his or her roadblock to receiving Christ as Savior.

Key Questions for the Person Who has Previously Accepted Christ

If someone responds affirmatively to my initial question, I often say something like “Great! How did it happen for you?” This gives the person a chance to tell their story. Or I may say “Great! I have too! What difference has He made in your life?” Or “Wonderful! Are you following Him?” And I often ask those who have previously accepted Christ, “Are you reading your Bible?”

Again, these key questions are helpful, but every person needs to find what works for himself. No formula here, just some key questions to help. I support all legitimate forms of evangelism. We want to see as many as possible saved from eternity in hell.

If you are already leading people to salvation in Christ–Praise God! Keep doing what you’re doing. If on the other hand you want to get better at personal evangelism, give Chicken Evangelism a try. Eternity awaits the good news!

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