Journey to Authenticity with Sonny Misar



Journey to authenticity with Sonny Misar

Journey to authenticity with Sonny Misar

Journey to authenticity describes the hallmark of Sonny Misar’s ministry. This phrase, “Journey to Authenticity” is loaded with meaning. It points to the goal we all want–to be our real selves. Not fake in any way. The phrase shows the road to authenticity is a process, not a once-and-for-all campground. This phrase distills Misar’s lifetime of ministry experience into a key issue for Christians today.

After twenty-five years of pastoral service Sonny now travels with his wife, Becky, speaks and writes regarding the issue of spiritual authenticity. Click here to watch the video.

View the Gail Ross interview of Sonny Misar on YouTube. I found several highlights. At about nineteen  minutes Sonny addresses the question “How can we be our unique selves and deeply spiritual at the same time?” Many Christians, young and old alike, remain confused about concepts such as brokenness and surrender to Christ. Sonny clearly outlines the stages all Christians go through on the road to authenticity. He gently explains the need and value of brokenness and surrender.

At about 19 minutes comes a valuable gem, namely understanding brokenness as a part of the roadway to authenticity. Sonny shares from his experience that perhaps 50% of all Christians are in the brokenness stage yet have no clue as to how to understand it nor move beyond it.

Many preachers and teachers contribute valuable insights to the church. Each has a calling and contribution. There exists, however, one particular calling that can add the depth of understanding and perspective that is much needed in Christian circles. That is the voice of the apostle. Sonny Misar moves in apostolic vision and anointing. He is gifted in his ability to help churches and individual Christians make sense out of the sometimes bewildering aspects of life. Sonny is worth listening to.

His book Journey to Authenticity is available for purchase on Amazon.


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