God Heals: Tumors Disappear

Bernie Blaskowski, Ministry Team Leader

Bernie Blaskowski, Ministry Team Leader

God heals: tumors disappear. Bernie Blaskowski, leader of the Ministry Team at The Church of the Living Water in Muscatine, obviously enjoys relating this healing experience. The video lasts only 55 seconds.


If you prefer to read instead of viewing the video, here is the transcript.

Pastor Mark in the background: Again, I’m so thankful for our Prayer Ministry team. You guys just do great things… by God’s power.

Bernie: Last Sunday after church…..our Prayer Ministry…. where we pray for people. Diane can I… can you stand please? This is a really fun deal, Diane… when she came up for prayer… I think you can..could actually see the swelling on the left side of her neck, before we started to pray. After we were done praying,… it was gone…. It was gone. I was.. I mean… I could….I could visually see the difference! Between the time we started praying and the time we got done. I mean… Do you want to add somethings to that?

Diane: Yes! Praise the Lord!

God Heals

God is visiting churches in Muscatine. The Church of the Living Water is only one of many excellent Muscatine area fellowships. If you need physical healing, find a church that can stand with you in faith, prayer, and natural counsel to bring the healing. God heals tumors, cancers, heart disease, headaches, etc. There is no limit to what God can do. I myself have been healed of cancer by the power of God plus natural changes.

God Heals Cancer

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