Don’t Be Chicken

Don't be Chicken

Don’t be Chicken

Don’t be Chicken. ​It is the ​DOERS that ​Just ​​DO IT​ ​

There are many sick people that ​need ​to hear ​that ​Jesus came to heal them. Jesus healed people outside the walls of the synagogue. Jesus​ said, ​”The works that I do shall ye also.​” ​It is important that we just simply ​DO IT.  People ask me​, “Do you feel something before you ​pray for people?” ​My reply is just ​simply: ​DO IT! Sometimes a person​ is very ​intimidated to pray for a stranger, but again​ ​we just do it.​  Don’t be chicken. ​It is the ​DOERS that ​just ​​DO IT.​ ​

People in Great Need Need ​DOERS! ​

Recently I was at SAM’s Club loading my car with purchased items and took notice of a lady in a wheel chair. I started the conversations by talking about the weather​.​ After talking about the weather​,​ I ask​ed​ the lady ​about her health.  She ​responded joyfully​, explaining her situation. I prayed for her to be healed. She ask​ed​ for my phone number and I gave it to her. When I reached my home​,​ the​ ​phone rang and it was this lady tell​ing​ me that she was no longer in the wheel chair because Jesus healed her​!!!  ​People in great need need ​DOERS! ​


​So Don’t be Chicken, Take Steps of Faith  

Don’t be afraid of people’s faces, start casual conversations and turn it to sharing about the Lord.  Pray for the sick as you meet them.  Ask Jesus to touch them in every level and every need in their life.  People are just astonished that you would pray out loud for them right then and there!  Let’s use every opportunity to share Christ.  How can they hear unless someone tells them?  
Bobby Martz , evangelist, ministers primarily in the Philippines, Africa, South America and the United States. Together with his wife Rhonda, they have started several churches in remote areas of the Philippines. Miracles and healing are a salient part of Bobby’s ministry. He can be reached at 

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