Definition of an Apostle, or, The Apostolic Actions of a Mother and Child

Howard Jackson answers the question, “What is the definition of an apostle?”

His answer surprised me, and taught me something about the true  nature of a calling from God. To be a “sent one” means, at its root, to simply be obedient to the God who is doing the sending, much like a child obeys his mother when she tells him to do something. It’s not as grandiose a thing as some make it out to be. Rather it is an act of simple, humble obedience to a grandiose God.

I’ve heard it so many times, “An apostle is a ‘sent one’, but never saw that angle before. This helps me see apostles in a fresh way.



  1. Can you share more like this? It’s proven very helpful for me.

  2. This is more practical information than I’ve found so far.

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