Myanmar Refugee Grows in Christ


Myanmar Refugee Responds to Website

Name: Bawi tin thang


Write your story here: My name is Bawi Tin Thang ,
I’m from Myanmar ..i’m Living in malaysia as a refugee. Even I don’t have any document by the grace of God I got appotunity to study the Bible at Ebenezer school.

Example of Myanmar man

Example of Myanmar man

This picture is not Bawi Tin Thang, I post it only as a representative of a Myanmar man. Bawi responded to a post on my website. I had no idea he was reading and viewing my site.

This speaks to me, and perhaps to you, that we all have an influence beyond what we expect.

How are you influencing your world?

Conversion Via LinkedIn

Here is Kari Anderson’s account of good results with Chicken Evangelism. (New story submission from website.)

I led someone to Christ!

I recently was able to lead someone toward Jesus through LinkedIn messages. Here is a copy of my conversation exactly as it happened. I’ve changed the man’s name to protect his privacy. He was from India.

Ashish: Hello ma’am

Kari: Hello

Ashish: How are you? I hope you are doing well

Kari: 👍

Ashish: Ma’am actually i am just Graduate from NIFT, India as a jewellery designer. And right now i am searching the job as a jewellery designer only. It would be a great help from you if u help me regarding this, I would like to work overseas too.

Kari: Neat, good for you. I’m not in a position to hire anyone. Sorry about that, but I will pray that God provide a job for you! God please provide a designer job for Ashish! Amen!

Ashish: Haha. Thanks a lot ma’am.

Kari: 😊

Ashish: 👍

Kari: God is good. He answers prayer!

Ashish: Yup. I know right.

Kari: For sure. Are you a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ?

Ashish: Yes ma’am. I do believe God.

Kari: 👍

Ashish: And i Am a believer of Lord Krishna. He is the God from Hindu Mythology. But as i know god is only one with different names.

Kari: Ahhh, but Jesus said He was the only way to heaven. Something to think about. Jesus is the only way to heaven to God.

Ashish: So i do believe god.

Kari: Yes, but maybe not the right god.

Ashish:I would love to achieve heaven under Jesus

Kari: It’s possible. You only need to believe that He was God’s Messiah, sent from God and accept Him into your life. It’s not difficult. You only need to trust in Him and ask Him into your life.

Ashish: 👍

Kari: 😊

Ashish: Yeah

Kari: So you want to trust in Jesus? [Publisher’s note: These LinkedIn exchanges took place over a period of about one week. Kari was praying for this man during that time.]

Ashish: I will now for sure. Yes i do trust Jesus.

Kari: Well, that’s good. Do you have a Holy Bible?

Ashish: No I do have GITA. [the Hindu “bible”]

Kari: I can send you a Holy Bible if you want one.

Ashish: Yes please

Kari: Give me your address and I can send it. I’m happy to do it. If you promise to read it. Right?

Ashish: I promise to read it from bottom of my heart

Kari: Okay Ashish: (Address withheld for privacy)

Kari: Okay, I copied the address down. I will send it soon. I need to go now but I’m happy that you have decided to trust in Jesus. He is wonderful and will help you understand and know God better. God bless you! Let me know when the Bible arrives. Thanks for the chat. God bless you!!

Ashish: Thanks

Kari: 😊

Kari: Your Holy Bible is sent! Please let me know when it arrives! Thanks for letting me share with you.  Ashish: Thanks so much, Kari.


(A few days later.)

Ashish: Hi.

Kari: Hi, I got a message from the postal system in India and gave them the needed information, so your book [the Bible] should now be in customs!

Ashish: Okay. Thank you.

Publisher’s note: My wife Kari has contacts in many nations because of her business as a pearl broker. She is able to tell what she has seen and heard regarding Jesus Christ with many from foreign countries.

Please tell your own story of how you have enabled someone to come closer to Christ in person or have aided a conversion via LinkedIn or another form of social media.

I led my niece to the Lord.


Roy Meyers shared this story.


I led my niece to the Lord. She asked me how to be saved.

I explained to her the ABC’s of salvation. A all have sinned. B believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved. C for whosoever shall call on the name of Lord shall be saved.

After explaining those 3 scriptures she invited Jesus into her heart.

The following Sunday she was baptized. Thanks for letting me share this.


Here’s what I replied to Roy.


Hi Roy, What an inspiring story! I’m so thankful. Just imagine with me how thankful Jesus is that His suffering and shame did not go to waste. Rather, it brought eternal salvation to your niece.

Thanks for sharing. If you are willing, please send a picture of yourself. I would like to publish it as a way to encourage others.

May God keep blessing and using you. Sincerely, Mark

Sharing the Gospel the Old Fashion Way: One Person at a Time

Sharing the Gospel the Old Fashion Way: One Person at a Time

Sharing the Gospel the Old Fashion Way: One Person at a Time

Publisher’s note: Dr. Jerry Root posted his story “Sharing the Gospel the Old Fashion Way: One Person at a Time” in an email requesting donations. Dr. Root directs the Evangelism Initiative at the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois. Used with permission from Dr. Root.

Last week I found myself in a conversation with a man who asked me what I did for a living. I told him I was a professor. He responded by wanting to know what I taught. I told him my Ph.D. was in Philosophy of Religion and he immediately asked me what my religion was. I told him that I was a Christian and then reciprocated and asked him if he was a religious person. He said that he was, and that he was a Muslim.

We had a great conversation, which included a discussion of the differences and similarities in Islam and Christianity. At each point I made, he simply replied, “I am tracking with you.” When I told him that Christians believe that God is a God of love, and that this love is essential to His being, he seemed very intent. As I shared about how there is in fact a way to God and to true forgiveness, he responded again, “I’m tracking with you. This is very meaningful.”

I paused only a second and then asked him, “Is there any reason why you wouldn’t want to trust Christ right now”? He said, “No” and gave his heart to Christ in prayer, trusting in His provision to love him and forgive him. I am now beginning a process of following up on this new brother in Christ.

The whole witnessing experience was fun. It is also the kind of thing that we at the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism (BGCE) are seeking to instill in all those we train, from college-age students to church leaders to marketplace leaders to lay Christians in all situations. (See here and here for resources)

Dr. Jerry Root
Director, Evangelism Initiative