Are Apostles Alive Today?

What do you say to people that believe that all apostles and prophets died with Peter and Paul? Are Apostles alive today? We asked Steve Fatow this question. Hear  his one minute response.

Are apostles alive today? If you’re watching the video, you’re looking at one!

Steve Fatow was born in New York and raised in a Jewish home in Miami, Florida. In 1970, he heard the Gospel and gave his life completely to Jesus Christ. Transformed by God’s power, Steve immediately felt a call to the ministry. Soon he began to manifest a powerful preaching gift coupled with signs powerfully confirming the word he preached.

In his early years, God gave Steve a clear word that he was called to take the Gospel to the nations. Soon, doors began opening up for him in Central and South America. He began traveling to those countries and holding crusades in every country in Latin America. God began to powerfully bless these crusades with thousands saved and healed to the glory of God.

After pastoring churches in Miami and Florence, Alabama, Steve moved to Knoxville, Tennessee to become pastor of Trinity Chapel. His crusade ministry has steadily grown, not only in Central and South America, but all over the world. Each month these crusades see thousands brought to Christ as well as many miraculous healings. Steve has a powerful prophetic word for his generation which he brings not only to his crusade ministry, but to many local churches in the U.S. and Europe as well. His passion for purity, coupled with his ability to stir people to preach the Gospel, have equipped him mightily as a voice to his generation.

Steve is married to his wife Sandi, an ex drug addict who is also mightily used throughout the United States to minister in prisons as well as churches. They have two daughters and reside in Knoxville, Tennessee where Steve continues to serve as senior pastor of Trinity Chapel.

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