What is an Apostle? Answer by Dr. Naoman Serosh of Pakistan

What is an apostle? This has been an interesting video series so far – each apostle that we interviewed has a little bit different take on what exactly is the definition of what an apostle is and what characteristics should be present in his life. Several themes emerge clearly however, and Dr. Naoman Serosh keeps his answer mostly in expected territory. My father challenges him on whether he has seen the Lord personally, and Dr. Serosh answers without hesitation. He has seen the Lord.


  1. […] February 24, 2015 by Dr. Naoman Serosh Leave a Comment Publisher’s note: “Salvation–greatest miracle of all” is adapted from Dr. Naoman Serosh. Dr. Serosh, apostle from Pakistan now living in the United States, allows God to use him in the supernatural. The article has been adapted yet keeps the original flavor of Dr. Serosh’s words. You can view Dr. Sersosh live on YouTube. […]

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