A Happy Experience During the Oil Change

This morning I had a happy experience of an unusual sort.  I went to Meineckes for an oil change and met the new manager.  While waiting for the oil change, Kurt and I chatted.

We talked about jobs, how long we had each lived in Muscatine, and about family.  I found out Ethan had already met him and given him an invite card to church!  To have a mutual friend is a great connection and generally releases trust.  That was the case with Kurt and me. After a minute or so of conversation, I asked,” Have you received Jesus Christ into your life?”  His immediate answer was an emphatic,” Yes, I have!”   Kurt went on to explain his background and a particularly meaningful experience he’d had in church.

I gave him another invitation card and invited him to visit church.  Thanks, Ethan, for preparing the way.

I’ve found over and over again that people want to talk about their faith and experiences with God.   Have you found the same?

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