6 Most Influential Evangelism Sites

Influential Evangelism Sites

Influential Evangelism Sites

What are the Top 6 Most Influential Evangelism Sites in My Life? Most of us need help with personal evangelism. If you are like “most of us,” try one or more of these sites. If you’re stuck in regard to personal evangelism, I especially recommend the first or the last of the six.


Alongside the giants in this list, most people have never heard of Evantell. Yet they highly impacted my life and understanding of evangelism. First, they defined the gospel for me like no one else. Based on 1 Corinthians 15:1-6:  “Jesus Christ died for our sins and rose from the dead.” Second, Evantell taught me how to biblically pray for the lost.



Campus Crusade

Thank God for Bill Bright. In the 1960’s the hottest training team around was Campus Crusade for Christ. I gained from the training and led numbers of students to Christ. Campus Crusade has expended and adapted to change over the years. Some people may try to tell us, the “old” approach doesn’t work anymore, but don’t let that throw you off. The Four Spiritual Laws still work. The online presence is now called “cru,’ and can be located at cru.org.


Luis Palau

Luis Palau led an area wide evangelistic campaign in the Quad Cities (Moline, Davenport, Rock island and Bettendorf) some years ago. One line from Dr. Palau’s training  may have wavered, but never left me. “Lord, stamp eternity on my eyelids.” Go to luispalau.org


Billy Graham

Influential because it’s always been there as long as I can remember.  Yet,  I’m including Billy Graham on this list of influential evangelism sites for a peculiar and very current reason. Their follow-up tracts (which appear to be a knock-off of the Four Spiritual Laws) fit into my wallet better than any other. How often I have witnessed with a man and then had no tract to leave in his hand. If you want a good wallet-sized tract, Go to BillyGraham.org.


Outreach Magazine

This is a newcomer to my list. I include it primarily because of the articles by Thom Rainier. Well worth listening to. This author is one of the foremost evangelism and church growth thinkers today. You can access them at Outreachmagazine.com



Chicken Evangelism

Do you think I’m joking? Not on your life! Stories impact. This is an influential evangelism site because it tells simple stories of personal evangelism. Where else can you find so many stories of personal evangelism? Or any stories for that matter? I did a search of the top 100 evangelism sites on google. I was trying to find examples – stories, if you will – of personal evangelism. I found only one site in the top 100 with an example of personal evangelism. Many sites talk about evangelism and tell how to do it, but ChickenEvangelism.com  inspires by example.


Have you got a site that is actually helping lead people to salvation in personal evangelism? Pass it on in the comment section.


If you have led someone to salvation by means of personal evangelism, let the world know. Inspire others by telling your story.




  1. I have a few British websites that hopefully help in the evangelism process, one way or another.

    My website http://www.whatisthegospel.org.uk addresses the question “what gospel do we give out in evangelism, and is it biblical?”

    My other website http://www.thebishop.org.uk arose after I went dressed as a Bishop to a fancy dress party. Its aim is to draw people to repentance.

    My main site http://www.newchristian.org.uk is primarily aimed at new believers, but has lots of evangelistic pages and training resources. Several Muslims have contacted me through the site.

    My blog https://jesushealstoday99.wordpress.com records my adventures on the streets and at my local foodbank in sharing the gospel and praying for healing.

  2. Servant Tony says

    Christianity that ought to be a global concern, has been shelved…practically abandoned for frivolity! There are millions of souls out there, hoping and anticipating for divine consolation, but hell no, because internet ( social media) have gravely been sold and hijacked by vague global and satanist enterprises. Christians we need to wake up !…. The Clock of our collective existence is tickling very fast. Evangelism should be encouraged, upheld and sponsored globally. Thanks!

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