2 Wow-Worthy “Takehomes” for You from Don Miller

What’s the Most Important Job of a Leader?

Ok, what’s your answer? Stop . . . What’s your answer? I admit I gave a lame answer. But Donald Miller has really set my mind to thinking. In fact, Ethan, who works with me in ministry, and I are honing our focus in order to minister more effectively.

This short video will likely challenge you as it did me.


How to Write a Killer Tagline

Much related to the first video, “How to Write a Killer Tagline” continues to exercise my mind. In fact, I sometimes wake up in the night and mull over the quest for an effective, true and memorable one-liner to help our church people focus.

I’m applying this video to the church even though it was planned for business. To my mind, Don Miller is like an apostle to churches from the business world. He certainly challenges me to make my message clear.

Is this video worth 2:38 minutes of your life? Watch and see.

What’s the tagline for your church? For your ministry?

Apostles make us think and take risks. (Things in short supply in some churches these days.) I’m not saying Miller is an apostle, not at all, but he is challenging his hearers to communicate clearly. And that’s something apostles do.



    Can we, as Christian church; to state a vision for the Whole body that sounds practical and inspirational instead religious and boring?

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