Supernatural Apostle Tells His Story

Publishers note. Supernatural events surround Dr. Serosh, a modern day apostle and evangelist. His story is printed just as he wrote it with only minor editing.

When my father was a single man (not married), God spoke to him in the vision. God said, ”I will give you a first born son, his name will be Noaman (Naaman as in the Bible) and he will be my servant.”

I was born on December 29, 1967 in Lahore, Pakistan (2nd largest city in Pakistan).

We are actually former Sikh. My great great grandfather accepted Christ who was a descendant of the former rulers from Kashmir in India.

When I just was a baby born boy, father’s Aunt brought a dust from the grave of the witch doctor from India. This dust was mixed with the blood of an owl. She threw this dust on me. It was a death spell cast over me. Now this lady was waiting for the news of my death at her home. I was supposed to die on the same day but nothing happened. I didn’t die because of the supernatural divine protection under the blood of Jesus.

Once when I was 5 five years old, I drank one and a half big bottle of the cough syrup. This syrup was a good in taste like honey but it was too much sedative. I liked the taste, so I took these 2 bottles and hid myself under the bed and drank. Then after few minutes I lost my senses. We didn’t have phone at that time. Only the very rich people had phones.

My father was teaching at the Bible College and my mother couldn’t contact him or to do anything. After the break in the class, which was for only 15 minutes, my father heard a voice saying, “Go home–there is a problem.” Then the voice came 2nd and then 3rd times. My father spoke to the principal and came home. He was on his bicycle. It was 5 or 6 miles distance, but he came home just in few minutes. It was a supernatural ride. When he came home, he saw that many people were around me and my mother was just crying because she thought that there was no hope. My father took me to the hospital (United Christian Hospital). The doctor at the emergency said to my dad, “Pastor Serosh, if you were just 30 minutes late, your son’s heart would burst.” God again saved my life supernaturally.

I belong to the family where almost everyone plays music or sings. My father (Pastor Dr. Hizkiel Serosh) has written and composed more than 600 Christian songs. I started playing drums on the choir and became very famous drummer in the country.

I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior in 1980 in the children’s service. Somehow, some way I felt the call upon my heart even when I was a child, but I didn’t want to become a preacher. I always wanted to become a professor. I thought it is just fine for me to live a good Christian life, playing music on the choir.

In our city we have an annual United Christian Convention every year in the month of October. It was October 1986. There was a preacher from Australia. He was praying for the people in the end. This preacher called me on the stage after he prayed for the people. He said to me, “When you were coming in the tent, the Lord told me that He was going to use you in the ministry.” Since I didn’t want to be in the ministry, I told the preacher that I didn’t want that. He tried to convince me but that made me even more upset.

I came home, didn’t tell anyone what had happened to me, why I was upset. I didn’t even eat that day. But I was so restless. Whenever we disobey God we become restless. After this incidence, God started speaking to me. God spoke to me 6 times that made me real tired. Now I finally opened my mouth and said to God, “Since you spoke to me 6 times, I will put you into the tests 6 times. If you win then I will be in the ministry and would serve you but if you fail even in one test, then I will have every right to escape.” In every test God was winning and I was losing. That was scaring me even more and making me upset.

I came home, didn’t tell anyone what had happened to me, why I was upset. I didn’t even eat that day. But I was so restless. Whenever we disobey God we become restless. After this incidence, God started speaking to me. God spoke to me 6 times that made me real tired. Now I finally opened my mouth and said to God, “Since you spoke to me 6 times, I will put you into the tests 6 times. If you win then I will be in the ministry and would serve you but if you fail even in one test, then I will have every right to escape.” In every test God was winning and I was losing. That was scaring me even more and making me upset.

It was April 14, 1989 on Friday. God had already won 5 times. I said to God, “If you baptize me with the Holy Spirit in 2 days then I will be in the ministry.” This time I was sure that God would fail in this last test. I said in my heart that I was saved in 1980.  The Lord was not able to baptize me with the Holy Spirit in 9 years, so He won’t succeed in 2 days.

Then I played a trick. I stopped praying and stopped reading the Bible for 2 days. Because I thought, “If I pray or read the Bible, maybe the Holy Spirit would come upon me.” It was not my desire to be filled with the Holy Spirit. This time I was really confident that I would definitely escape from the ministry.

Then April 16 came which was a Sunday. That really scared me because I was playing drums on the choir and I had to be in the Church for the Sunday service. But nothing happened. That relieved me a bit. But I was very restless in my spirit because I knew that I was disobeying God.

On the same Sunday on April 16 when my eyes were fixed on the wall clock to see 12 midnight. It was 9 PM, I was just standing by the wall, I still don’t know what happened. All of a sudden a great light and fire came in that room where I was standing. I just started speaking in tongues. I was filled with the Holy Spirit. I came onto the floor and spoke in tongues for a couple of hours.

The pressure and restlessness were gone. I was lighter than a pin. But I was very grieved that I disobeyed God. I said to God, “God, I am so disobedient, I don’t deserve to be called your minister, take me home.” God must have laughed in His heart that if He wanted to kill me, He would have done that long time ago. That was His grace that I am in the ministry.

I married to a beautiful lady named Sadaqat (Hebrew name that means righteousness).  Sadaqat Serosh is a school teacher and a Gospel singer. God has blessed us with 3 sons. Eshban Serosh (23 years), Bethshan Serosh (21 years) and Shayan Serosh (14 years). Our middle and the youngest are good singers also.

On July 6, 1999 God blessed us with 3rd son. One doctor started C-Section and just in few minutes the whole team of the doctors was there. They were facing a big problem in the operation theatre. Whenever I asked the doctors about my wife, they would tell me, “You better pray, she is in a bad condition.” But we were praying outside the operation theatre. I was believing in the supernatural power of my God. I knew that God was already in the operation theatre. Doctors gave my wife 4.5 units blood but it didn’t help my wife. They tried everything but my wife was already collapsed and expired.

At last the doctors gave up. Now they were wrapping the dead body in the cloth, and were putting cotton in her ears and nostrils. Suddenly the power of God came upon my dead wife and the dead body started moving. The doctors and the nurses started shouting,“She is back, she is back, she is back!” The biggest miracle happened in that Muslim hospital that day and God raised my wife from the dead. The power of death was broken by the supernatural power of my Jesus Christ.

Next morning the chief of the doctors by the name of Doctor Bushra Zaida at Fatima Memorial Hospital called me in her office. She was also very excited. She said to me, ”This case has created a great history in our hospital.” I said to the doctor, “But the credit goes to my Jesus.” She said, “Yes, I know that you Christians have great faith. But there are still some dangers for your wife, she can have paralysis any time, she can lose any part of her body. “I said to the doctor, “If my Jesus can raise my wife from the dead then nothing is going to harm her.” And exactly nothing happened.

My wife is a good Gospel singer and preacher of the Word of God. She is one of the best school teachers in Pakistan. In 2009, she was awarded as the best teacher of the year in the whole country.

I strongly believe in the supernatural power of my God. God raised 3 dead people in my ministry so far. My life is full with the supernatural works of God. And I am believing to see more miracles like this.

My father started this Church with one man and now we have over 5000 people as congregation. God has always been merciful and faithful. I worked as a pastor but I was also having crusades in all the corners of Pakistan. Some were even big crusades with 50,000 or even more. I always enjoyed preaching and saving souls for Christ. I studied in America, Sri Lanka, Singapore, and Pakistan. I earned my PHD in 2008 in Ministry. God opened many doors for me to teach at the Bible colleges and Bible schools.

My life has always been on risk. I had so many threats on my life by the terrorists in the country. But God always saved my life. Once I was coming home with my wife and sons from a wedding.  It was night and I stopped my van at the bakery to buy bread, eggs and milk for the breakfast. I went in the bakery and bought what we needed. My family was still sitting in the van. When I came out of the bakery I saw two guys on the motorbikes with guns in their hands. They were ready to attack us. I thought to sit in the van quietly because I didn’t want to tell my family and also didn’t want them to cry or panic.

So I started praying in my heart and asked the Lord to show His glory at this time of great trouble. When I sat in the van, I saw from the rear and side mirrors that two huge guards came out of bakery (I didn’t see them in the bakery at all). They were in their blue uniforms and carrying guns in their hands. When these two terrorists saw these two huge guards they ran away. I came down from the van to thank these guards for helping us, but they just disappeared from my eyes. I still came in the bakery and asked the manager for those two guards and the manager told me that they didn’t have any guards. Then I realized that these were the angels, sent by God to protect us. We praised God for his divine protection.

In 2012, I and my wife were in Europe, America and Canada for 2 and a half months. When we went back to Pakistan in the month of August, things got worse and worse against me. The Muslims tried to kill me four times. Once they came with fuel to burn me and my house alive. I went to the police many times but every time the police disappointed me. The police told me every time that they couldn’t help me because these terrorists were above the law and everything. The police asked me even to leave the country because my life was in danger.

Then I started asking God for help. God said to me clearly, “I told you to move from Pakistan but you did not, and now move.” I really didn’t want to move from the country because I really was enjoying my ministry in Pakistan. Then I asked God for the direction. I really wanted to go to Europe, South Africa or Canada but God said, “NO.” Then I asked where? God said, “Go to the US.”

I spoke to my friends in the US and they were excited to have me. I booked my ticket for December 12, 2012 to come to the US. The deputy superintendent of Police was from our Church. He came to me on December 2, 2012 in the morning and asked me to leave the country that same day because of the threats on my life. I then had to change the date on my ticket. The police came to my house on December 2, 2012. They were carrying my luggage, my passport and my ticket to go to the airport. The police wanted to make sure that I left the country safe and sound.

It was not a comfortable time to say goodbye to my family this time because I didn’t know when I would see them. But on other hand I was excited that I was fulfilling the will of God.

When I was in the plane, I was praying and asking God for His supernatural protection for my family and guidance for me in the US. When the pilot announced that we would land after one hour at JFK NY then I asked God for one more confirmation at the airport. I said, “God, if it is really from you then do 2 things to me at the airport. 1- The immigration officer should not ask me more than one question. 2- The immigration officer should not send me for the second immigration. I really wanted to be sure to know the will of God. Because every time when I and my wife come to the US, the immigration officers always ask us many questions because if you’re holding a Pakistani passport then they really want to know who you are. And they always sent us for the second immigration at the airport.

So then I was standing in the line and waiting for my turn. This immigration officer was asking so many questions to everyone and sending every one for the second immigration [interview].  When my turn came, the officer asked me, ”Sir what is your purpose for this time to be in the US?” I did not speak but I gave him the letter that my friend sent me from the US. The officer didn’t read the letter, he just saw the letter and gave it back to me. He grabbed his stamp and punched on my passport and said,“God bless you, enjoy your stay.”

My friends from NY came to pick me. When I was sitting in their car, I heard a voice. The voice said to me, “I have given you the trumpet to blow over this nation.” Since that time I am trying my best to blow the trumpet.

When I came to Rocky Mount, NC to my friend Howard Jackson, after few days he took me to the attorney in Raleigh NC to speak to her for my asylum case. After just few minutes this attorney said to me, “I will help you to get asylum and will not charge any fee.” That was really a supernatural work of God because I didn’t have any money with me at all.

I am still under asylum but now I have work permit, social security card, ID and the driving license. I can move and work in any capacity at any place. I believe that very shorty my asylum will be approved and my family will be here with me in the US. Every day I feel His supernatural presence with me to show His glory through me.

Pastor Dr. Noaman Serosh

Cell Phone #: 215-954-5974

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