What is Ideal Church/Apostle Relationship?

How do you find the ideal church/apostle relationship? Fred Herzog smiles and then addresses the question in this 104 second video.

I was a student at Luther Seminary in Minneapolis in the early 1970’s when Fred started New Testament Church. I remember the day in his home when we gathered together to discuss a name for the fellowship. Fred listened to all who suggested various names and then, with mutual consent, chose “New Testament Church.”

Let’s listen to Fred’s thoughts as he discusses “How would you describe an ideal church and apostle relationship?”

Fred has thought about questions like this one over most of his life. Worth listening to? You bet!

I didn’t know much about apostles–or about a lot of other things!–when I first met Fred. And if you want some background about apostles, come to What is an Apostle?

In the 50 years or so since those days, I’ve learned significant insights regarding ideal church/apostle relationships.

Here’s a biggie: It’s better to speak of real church/apostle relationships than an ideal church/apostle relationship. Why? Because, of the latter, there aren’t any! It’s like in a good and Godly marriage, we still have to work things out.

For an in-depth study of how churches related to apostles in the New Testament Era, grab a copy of my book about apostles. It tells how each and every church in the New Testament related to Paul or one of the other apostles. You might be surprised at how real–how human–the getting alongs were.

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