Fred Herzog Describes Ideal Church Apostle Relationship


Fred Herzog, seasoned apostle from Minnesota, offers insight as he describes the ideal church and apostle relationship. Fred has been around a long time and “seen it all.” He’s a humble man with a timely perspective.

I realize the concept of modern-day apostles is controversial for some. Browse this site for several posts that discuss the issue. A good place to start is “What is an apostle?”


  1. The key word is authority…
    In my opinion one, as a man, can not deliver authority;
    is the Holy Spirit the one who puts someone as overseer.
    The Church is of the Lord and we are only slave-servants.
    Warm greetings ro Fred, long time ago I met him at
    La Manada Pequeña….

    • Hello Edgar,
      Good to hear you. In my opinion, you are right on in that only God is the ultimate giver of authority. Hope to see you at the upcoming Minister’s Conference. Also I’m trying to move ahead to get “our” book published.
      May God keep favoring you and your family.
      In Christ, Mark

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