How I Beat Stage 4 Inoperable Cancer and You Can too

I beat cancer using primarily non-toxic, gentle methods at home. Do you want personal help to beat cancer?

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MENTOR, tutor or coach. Probably not your doctor. Has your doctor ever talked with you about alkalization? Detoxification? Oxygenation? Nutrition?


ALKALIZE. Proper pH–the ultimate shield. “Every single person with cancer has an acidic pH.” –Dr. Darrell Wolfe, Doctor of Detox


RENEW YOUR MIND. MEDITATE. Connect with God. All healing is from God. Slow down. Cancer is a lifestyle disease. To get healed from cancer, you need new concepts.


VITAMINS + VEGGIES = NUTRITION. Develop an anti-cancer diet. “You won’t beat cancer without supplements.” –Bill Henderson


ELIMINATE TOXINS “Diet without detox is deception.” —Answer for Cancer: 9 Keys


LOVE AND SUPPORT “Nobody beats cancer alone.”


OXYGENATION “Cancer hates oxygen like vampires hate sunlight.” –Bill Henderson


U is for the IMMUNE SYSTEM “You can’t have cancer if you have an intact immune system. If you have cancer, you don’t have an intact immune system.” –Dr Rashid Buttar, MD


SCIENCE Testing, diagnosis, lab work, doctors, dentists, modern medicine. Find the tools you need.

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Here’s My Cancer Coaching Package

What’s it worth to you to become cancer free and stay that way?

By God’s mercy, you can regain your energetic healthful lifestyle, no sign of cancer as determined by medical test, or doctor or yourself.

I’m looking for people who are desperate to get healed. For people who are willing to live, and not die. For people willing to follow my coaching guidelines. For people who have a reason to live. For people who are willing to change their lifestyle.

In a Nutshell, Here’s a Plan for You to Beat Cancer with Gentle, Non-toxic, Natural Substances at Home

1 Get my life-saving book Answer for Cancer: 9 Keys.

2 Get tested as soon after your cancer diagnosis as possible to establish a baseline of your condition.

3 Implement the procedures in my book.Important!

4 Take a second test 2 months after the first to see your progress.

My mentor, Bill Henderson notes many people are well on there way to healing after 6-8 weeks when they follow the guidelines.

Standing on the Shoulders of Bill Henderson

I “stand on the shoulders” of the late, great Bill Henderson. His guidelines kept me alive when cancer returned to my body following chemotherapy. Bill Henderson helped thousands, perhaps ten thousand patients recover from all stages of cancer.

Much that I know, I learned from Bill Henderson. I follow in his footsteps and use his approach as coach to help people with cancer. In addition, I have upgraded his guidelines in accordance with the Bible to make them even more effective.

Bill Henderson returned responsibility to the patient. When I first got a diagnosis of cancer, I just went with whatever the doctors said. I didn’t know enough to question their wisdom. “After all, who was I to question the doctor?” But when I finally started taking responsibility for my own health, I began to get well.

Are you taking personal responsibility for your own health?

Bill Henderson made things simple. He took “doctor speak” and put it on a level I could understand. He told me what to do and I did it. I’m alive today in large part because of the Bill Henderson Protocol.

Bill Henderson offered us a simple plan to beat cancer.

When I first got sick, a medical doctor strongly warned me, even begged me, NOT to take chemotherapy. I will never forget that day she came. She attended a different church from our own, but that day she came to our church specifically to talk with me.

She waited until the meeting was over and then came right up to where I was sitting. She begged, literally begged me, not to take chemo treatments. She tried to get her husband to talk me out of it too. But I didn’t know any better.

And she offered me no other plan. I felt trapped into going with chemo. Was there any alternative? I knew of none.

Consequently, I suffered through six rounds of chemo. I became as bald as a billiard ball and entered a near-vegetable state.

But thirty days after the chemo treatments ended I was feeling better. I went to the oncologist for my one month check up.

The result was SHOCKING! The MRI showed a cancerous tumor the size of a tennis ball had grown in my left lung!

I was devastated. Confused. Aghast.

That moment became my “wake up” call! I realized I would have to find something besides modern medicine if I were to survive!

Bill Henderson showed us a simple, viable plan. His book became an answer to Kari’s and my prayers. I read and reread it. We implemented the guidelines and I am alive today. Praise God!

Again, I walk in the steps of a man who helped thousands out of the cancer conundrum.

More for You

Cancer has a spiritual and emotional component. My own oncologist, Dr James Feeley MD commented on this as he wrote the preface to my book.

Usually, each of the 9 keys in the book are needed to overcome cancer. Most doctors and practitioners minimize or neglect the spiritual aspects of cancer. This is a tragic oversight and may keep people from beating the pain in their life.

I have been ministering spiritual healing to people for over 50 years. This is my specialty. If you or a loved one has cancer and have not become 100% free, contact me.

I will help you practice the keys in the book so you can get well. I will “hold your hand” and help you become proficient with a healthier lifestyle. I will stick with you as long as you wish–until you feel confident in a marvelous, new, and vibrant life!

My coaching fee is $1000 per month for 6 months. (I don’t turn anyone away for lack of funds.) Coaching includes a personal call or visit each week. If you do the keys in my book, there is a 90 day money back guarantee.

So you risk nothing! What’s it worth to you to beat cancer forever?

Again, I don’t turn anyone away for lack of funds. I turn away those who don’t want to follow my approach. I interview people to find who is coachable. I’m looking for folks who have an overwhelming desire to live and help others.

People don’t overcome cancer because they want to. They get healed because they have a purpose in life beyond themselves

You are responsible for your own tests, doctor or dentist bills, supplements, and food. I will show you the least expensive, most reliable supplements that I know. I will show you where to buy them. I get no kickback from tests or supplements. That’s how I preserve my integrity.

I will help you find the cause of your cancer, build your immune system, create a life-giving diet, detoxify your life, and more.

These keys can eliminate cancer and prevent it from coming back. These keys have helped thousands heal from cancer. They did it for me and can do the same for you. Let me coach you and “hold your hand” through the cancer treatment process.

Application for Coaching Form

Thousands of people all around the world are cancer free today by using these gentle and non-toxic natural therapies at home. I designed this application to see if you are a good fit for this approach. Be honest with yourself; other options are available.



Physical address

What type of cancer? What stage? Date of initial diagnosis?

Prior treatments for cancer. What have you done to solve this problem?

Family members with cancer—grandparents, parents, siblings

Name of Church and pastor

Pastor’s phone number_______________ Pastor’s email________________________ Permission to contact pastor and discuss your info. Check if you agree­­­­­____.

What is your relationship with Jesus Christ?

What is your relationship with the Holy Spirit?

Has your doctor discussed possible causes of cancer with you?

How supportive of you and natural therapies is your spouse (or significant other)?

By what method will you pay?

Everybody Is different. Do you understand there is no guarantee of your cure? Yes­­____ (Please check if you agree)


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