Answer for Cancer: 9 Keys

Cancer? Want gentle, non-toxic healing at home?

What an awesome story! This book is RIPE with powerful information that the world needs! In this book Mark Anderson outlines with eloquence a powerful mental, physical, and spiritual approach to building a robust body, a steadfast faith and an overcomer spirit. Mark faced his cancer head-on and beat it by relying on lifestyle principles grounded in science and faith in the healing power of Jesus Christ. Now, he has been called to inspire and empower others to live life at a higher and deeper level and heal the way God intended. This is a must read!

Dr. David jockers, DC, MS, CSCS

This book is a must read for you and your loved ones as it eloquently communicates information about the mental, spiritual , and physical attributes necessary to overcome cancer and live a long, healthy life.

Ty M. Bollinger, best-selling author of Cancer-Step Outside the Box

I reread Answer for Cancer and began to practice much of your “protocol.” The two blood tests at Mayo since then have shown so little cancer advance. Thank you for publishing a book that has given me a wonderful chemo-free five months and the hope of more.

Paul S., MN

Practical advice…a recipe to prevent and cure cancer.

Edgar M.

A confirmation to those who still don’t trust in the miracles.

Josh L., Kenya

Careful research…presented tastefully and often humorously. Believable and practical. It could change the way you do life. Did for me! 

Paul A., MN

The book showed us what to do when my husband got cancer. Great help.

Linda, MN