Should Apostles Today Use the Title?

Fred Herzog has a clear and concise answer to this question many are asking. Should apostles today use the title? Some say “Yes,” some say “No.” Here’s Fred’s take on the topic.


I have known Fred and his wife Char for about 50 years. They are a great team filled with years of wisdom and love.

Fred has been involved in developing congregations, leadership, and ministry opportunities including a successful ministry of helping individuals gain personal freedom through understanding the ways of God. Fred, along with his team, has started and trained up leadership for over 20 different ministries.

Consistent qualities of Fred’s ministries have included contemporary worship, spiritual counseling, informal services, and team-focused leadership. His aim continues in presenting cutting-edge worship, profound teaching, and discipleship for the advancement of the Kingdom of God in our present generation.

Fred and his wife Char live in Northfield and have 3 adult children.


  1. It was never a Title, more a function or gifting. No where to my knowledge is Apostle used as a ‘title’ in scripture (the same for Pastor etc.)

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